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 February 21, 2022

Looking for a fabulous resource for your teams to help them better understand bias - what it is, how it plays out, the many variations, and what they can do to tackle it?

Then check out LinkedIn's fabulous #BreakTheBias compilation of video content covering important aspects like the realities of racism, microaggression, and discrimination.

This insightful and popular LinkedIn resource for International Women's Day emphasizes how women can find their voice and how allyship is integral to supporting and elevating underrepresented groups.

The International Women's Day 2022 theme #BreakTheBias spotlights the challenges that women continue to face in the journey towards equity - so, importantly, the LinkedIn set of resources show how to address and break biases that continue to hold women back from reaching their full potential.

Break the Bias: Commit to Action


To break the bias women continue to experience, we need to understand what it is and how it shows up in our decisions and actions.

The adverse effects of bias are harmful to individuals as well as organizations. Learn about the pervasiveness of bias and how we can all come together and collectively reduce discrimination in all aspects of our lives.

We all have gender bias (3m 40s)
Learn how bias is tied to the way our brain functions and can be useful. Explore strategies to become aware of your own bias and prevent it from controlling your thinking. 

Addressing common biases (3m 57s)
Explore the four common biases found in the workplace and what you can do to prevent them. 

Speaking up against bias (5m 38s)
Learn how to say something when you identify an anti-Asian bias or stereotype occurring in the workplace. Having specific strategies to address these biases will support you in taking action to counteract the harm.

How to counter unconscious bias (6m 48s)
Learn how to weaken your biases.

Clearing out unconscious bias (4m 29s)
Learn how to evaluate your unconscious bias of others so you can mitigate those judgments and foster an inclusive environment for all employees to thrive.

Understanding your unconscious bias (4m 32s)
Everyone has unconscious bias, which is why it's so important to confront unconscious bias and see people for who they truly are. In this video, learn key ideas and action steps that you can take to eliminate your own bias.

Maternal bias (1m 29s)
Maternal bias is when we incorrectly assume that mothers are less committed and less competent. Mothers are often given fewer opportunities and held to higher standards than fathers. 

Why do people say and do the wrong things? (5m 9s)
Learn the three ways difference has been handled in the past — learn two reasons people say and do the wrong things, as well as why it is important to be aware of your cultural lens and unconscious bias.

Removing bias (3m 58s)
Learn how to begin to identify biases and implement a strategy to disrupt bias.

Talking about bias (3m 49s)
The critical role of having open and honest conversations about bias is to bring the unconscious to the conscience. Once you have been made aware of an unintentional bias it is time to make a plan of action so that you do not continue to act upon those impulses both in the workplace and in your personal life.

Why it matters (2m 18s)
We all have unconscious biases—our brains take in more information than they can process, so we rely on mental shortcuts to simplify the world around us. In other words, we rely on stereotypes. This short video helps you understand how and why unconscious bias arises in the workplace.




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