Street artists across the world stepped forward to help #BreakTheBias

 March 21, 2022

Community art provides a very engaging and impactful way to highlight and spread positive messages.

Artists worldwide stepped forward to create fabulous IWD #BreakTheBias murals to spread the message across their communities.

In Derry Ireland, the Children in Crossfire charity unveiled a larger than life #BreakTheBias mural in Belfast to mark International Women's Day 2022.

Highlights the injustice women across the world endure

IWD BreakTheBias streetart murals

The mural in Belfast’s Corporation Street highlights the injustice women across the world endure.

The mural shows a woman crossing her arms in the globally recognized pose that signifies the International Women's Day's 2022 campaign theme's determination to challenge discrimination and bias.


Drawing attention not just to the deep bias women face

IWD BreakTheBias streetart murals

Bayan Smith, Children in Crossfire’s Public Engagement Officer, who spearheaded this project, said: "On International Women’s Day we are proud to be challenging the rampant injustice that women the world over endure every day."

"Our mural’s purpose is to draw attention not just to the deep bias women face, but also to the actions we can all take to tackle that systemic inequality," he said.

"We know that murals, hashtags or social media campaigns will not, in themselves, solve these major problems. However, they can shine a light on them and focus attention on what needs to be done," explained Bayan.

"I encourage the people of Belfast to take themselves down to the junction of Corporation Street and Duncrue Street, take selfies at our mural and take to social media to share the message that it is long past time to #BreakTheBias. We want to thank Dean Kane from Visual Waste who’s prodigious skill brought our vision for this mural to life."

#BreakTheBias theme continues all year

Women's equality awareness raising activity doesn't start and end on International Women's Day but of course, but continues all year long.

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