Salesforce celebrates women who redefine their careers through mentorship

 June 22, 2022

Salesforce celebrates women redefining their careers through mentorship via a brilliant on-demand webinar.

Mentorship has the power to accelerate careers and change lives. It also has the power to increase employee engagement and retention. However, jump-starting the process for yourself can be nerve-wracking and empowering mentorship in your organization can feel daunting. 

Salesforce hosted an insightful Women Who Redefine webinar featuring a personal take from panelists, outlining their experiences with high-impact mentoring, why it’s important, the key elements to a thriving mentor-mentee relationship, how to establish your own board of directors, and how to enable your teams to do the same.

Hear from inspiring women speakers

Inspiring women leaders share their thoughts on the key elements to a thriving mentor-mentee relationship.

  • Amanda Polcari 
    Director of People Operations
  • Melanie Fellay 
    CEO / Co- Founder
  • Lydia Flocchini 
    SurePoint Technologies
  • Meghan Gendelman 
    SVP, Global Strategic Marketing & CMO, Financial Services

Watch the excellent on-demand webinar now! 

Celebrating women who redefine the future of business

Salesforce IWD women event

You know it and live it: the pandemic has disproportionately affected women, intensifying long-existing challenges and resulting in alarming job loss. Salesforce came together to celebrate leaders who are driving success in their organizations and reshaping business to ensure that women's progress persists.

This inspirational event provided tools, tactics, and inspiration to build a better future for everyone in the workplace.

Hear from inspiring women speakers

Listen to how these inspiring women leaders motivate and inspire teams to achieve growth, lead and adapt through constant change, build a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, and support and show up for their community.

  • Ailinh Hoang Kim
    Director of Retail Marketing
  • Jodi Patkin
    SVP of Brand Marketing & Communications
  • Karla Martin
    Executive Strategist
    Deloitte Consulting
  • Shalaya Shipman
    Senior Director Strategic Business Development SMB

Watch this very engaging on-demand webinar now! 

Reaching equality for all

Salesforce women's equality

Salesforce knows that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change.

Join Salesforce on their path to equality.

Together we can reach equality for all.

Learn more about the Salesforce series where corporate leaders explain how they’re using their platforms to create positive change in the world. From new hiring practices to breaking down internal silos, hear their ideas for the next era of business.

Equality is a core value at Salesforce

Salesforce is committed to driving equality for all their stakeholders — their employees, customers, partners, local communities, and society at large.

Salesforce believes they have a broader responsibility to the world in which we all live and work.

Salesforce diversity


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