Girl Buzz showcases inspirational #BreakTheBias essay competition winners

 July 07, 2022

Advocating for gender equality comes in many forms, and Girl Buzz encouraged their readers to mark International Women’s Day by entering its #BreakTheBias Women’s Day Special Blog Writing Contest – receiving wonderfully creative and empowering entries! 

Girl Buzz said: “Every woman has that hidden creative talent and this special women’s day week celebration only proved it right once again. We hope you enjoyed this very special celebration we curated just for you.” 

"Thank you for such an overwhelming response to the 'Women's Day Special Blog Writing Contest', each of your entries were special to us," said Girl Buzz. "We all had a great time in past one week getting to read some great blogs and now, we are sure everyone is excited to meet the writers of the TOP 3 Blogs of the 'For Women, By Women- Blog Writing CONTEST'"

Advocating for self-acceptance and self-love 

In first place, Singhanoyuksha5 wrote a deeply personal and heartfelt essay named Bald, Bold & Beautiful, where she writes about her journey of self-acceptance and self-love after choosing to go voluntarily bald.

She writes: “Nothing says courageous than a woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, all day, every day.” 

The cure is in you 

Preeti Jaiswal's essay titled Cure Is In You #BreakTheBias won second place. 

Opening her essay, Preeti pens: “Unaware, unhealthy, demotivated, and depressed, I wondered, ‘What’s the point of all this? What the hell do do to get over it?’ A woman pulled me down. Until two alternatives helped me out of my dilemma. It was my sister who understood me, and a text message reminded me of my best friend’s presence and support.” 

Creatively documenting her feelings during COVID and coping with her a difficult parental relationship, Preeti concludes by highlighting the support received from her sister and friend. 

“I remember the beautiful quote my best friend quoted: “You don’t have to look for answers, they’re always in you, they’ve always been in you. If you think there isn’t a cure for what you feel, look inside, The Cure Is In You,” she concludes. 

Embrace new possibilities

Taking third place, Nimmie’s essay You Are Significant highlights her desire to champion women being able to live for themselves. 

The closing paragraph aptly captures this desire: “Open and shut doors and embrace new possibilities, cognize yourself and appreciate your capabilities. The world may be filled with people who are recalcitrant, however know your worth, because you are significant.”

Do you write as a creative way to help forge change? 

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