The challenge of hunger and food insecurity sees John Deere forge change

Food insecurity is a global crisis impacting an estimated 2.37 billion people in the world who do not have access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food. And while every country dealing with the issue shares a connected set of challenges, all stories are unique.

Women and girls make up nearly 60 per cent of the total moderate or severe food insecure, but it is little wonder that in communities both near and far it is women who are helping drive solutions.

Take Mexico, for example. As the world’s 13th largest country, Mexico sees more than 20 million tons of its food wasted each year, that’s 34 per cent of all food it produces.

Maria Teresa Garcia Plata, director general of BAMX Bancos de Alimentos de México, said her food banks are working to take food to where it’s needed most, so none of it is wasted.

This is where the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) helps. “There is enough food produced worldwide for everyone to have enough,” Lisa Moon, GFN’s president and CEO, said. “But we still see nearly 1-in-3 people face food insecurity.”

This video shows how GFN teams up with organizations like BAMX and John Deere to create sustainable futures for the company's home communities – a mission the John Deere Foundation has supported in providing 2.1M meals alone in Mexico supporting food banking systems around the world.

Hunger is a solvable problem

It is possible to ensure surplus food is distributed to people in need by taking wholesome edible surplus at the local level and recovering and redirecting it to those in the community facing hunger.

Innovating to feed the world and build a sustainable future

John Deere is helping combat global food insecurity and to address the staggering rise of acute hunger. The company supports high-impact innovations to achieve zero hunger.

This is a company is actively forging change.

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