LinkedIn publishes its 2022 Workforce Diversity Report

 October 31, 2022

LinkedIn has published its 2022 Workforce Diversity Report detailing progress the company has made towards its commitments to build a more diverse and inclusive company where all talent thrives.

"We’re energized by our momentum, and motivated for the journey ahead," said LinkedIn. 

Progressing against diversity and inclusion goals 

Each year, LinkedIn releases its Workforce Diversity Report, where it transparently shares how it's progressing against its diversity and inclusion goals.

LinkedIn made a commitment two years ago to double the representation of Black and Latino leaders, managers, and senior individual contributors over a five-year period. And the company is really excited about the incredible momentum that it's making in that area.

LinkedIn's Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Rosanna Durruthy, spoke with LinkedIn's Chief People Officer, Teuila Hansen about how creating a culture of belonging is integral to LinkedIn's success, and Rosanna shared how the company is progressing in that area. 

"I am feeling energized and inspired, and I'm very happy to report that we have exceeded our initial projections. We've grown the Black senior population by 127 percent since that time, and we've grown our Latino senior employee population by 74 percent, which is remarkable. We are expecting to double the growth as we projected ahead of the FY25' fiscal year. I'm also excited because this growth came in the midst of 34 percent senior leadership growth at LinkedIn over the last couple of years," shared Rosanna. 

"We continue to have a positive story from a gender perspective, women now represent over 45 percent of our leadership globally, which is an 8 percent growth pattern over the previous year. So, we're continuing to do extraordinary work here, and I'm excited for what the future holds."

Community and equity are key at LinkedIn

Highlighting how LinkedIn's commitment to community and equity are baked into the company's philosophy, Rosanna said: "Our platform enables economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce that comes through relationships, it comes through the knowledge that’s shared, it comes through the opportunities that are shared. There is a deep understanding that we would need to bring the entire organization along to embody leadership that was inclusive, to create allyship in our workspace where we all support each other so that everyone succeeds."

"We also recognize that as we think about the increase in representation, it becomes incredibly important to think about increasing representation in roles with more responsibility and decision-making authority, providing the insights and the perspectives for us to better understand communities that have been marginalized, who have struggled to have access to opportunity."

Building and nurturing diverse teams is a top priority

"Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging at LinkedIn is first and foremost a commitment to creating an inclusive environment for all employees, regardless of their social identity," states the report. "Building and nurturing diverse teams is one of our top priorities, with an emphasis on employee groups that are underrepresented in our workforce. We’ve been especially focused on diversifying our leadership in order to strengthen our organizational decision-making and to instill employee confidence that paths to advancement are available to all."

Inspired to read more about LinkedIn's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging? 

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