MashUp's IWD 2023 Dance Festival amplifies the call to #EmbraceEquity

 January 24, 2023

To support the International Women's Day #EmbraceEquity campaign theme, LA based contemporary dance group MashUp is hosting an IWD 2023 Dance Festival.

The group is working to incorporate reflections and conversations on the #EmbraceEquity theme throughout the Festival - as it celebrates and lifts narratives and ideologies through contemporary dance.

Through four days of performances, free classes, and discussions held at venues throughout Los Angeles and online, MashUp’s annual International Women’s Day Dance Festival (IWDDF) celebrates women’s achievements in dance and the arts, and envisions a more equitable future. Purposefully aligned with the global International Women’s Day campaign theme #EmbraceEquity, the festival provides a rare opportunity for 20-30 female-identifying dance professionals, including trans women and those who identify as non-binary, a chance to present and discuss their work; facilitates thoughtful, timely dialogue on gender issues; connects young artists with female artistic leaders; and inspires broad action towards greater gender equality

A powerful art form

IWD 2023

Contemporary dance is a powerful art form to break down gender barriers. While traditional forms such as ballet can be said, arguably, to reinforce the female stereotype of fragility, or ballroom places the man in a lead role, contemporary dance questions and changes perceptions of the female body and what it means to be a woman. Through dance, women can be confident, sensual, powerful, and more.

MashUp Contemporary Dance Company is helping to break down these barriers. Prioritizing innovation, collaboration, and inclusion, MashUp uplifts female-identifying artists and builds community through contemporary dance.

Leading with core values of empowerment, creativity, community, diversity, and innovation, the group aims to embody and exemplify inspirational, inclusive leadership and collaboration within the arts, spark conversation around inclusive, intersectional feminist ideologies; democratize the creative process - and work towards a more equitable future for the dance industry and beyond. 

Supporting women through dance

Witnessing a slim ratio of opportunity per number of females in the dance industry, Victoria Brown and Sarah Rodenhouse founded MashUp Contemporary Dance Company in 2010 to provide more avenues for women in dance to be heard and seen. This commitment to uplift female-identifying artists of all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds is the group's strong anchor. 

Building a collaborative and inspiring community

IWD 2023

MashUp Contemporary Dance Company believes that dance should be accessible to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, age, or disability status - and it is a means for building community and exploring ideas. In its programming, MashUp defines female-identifying to include trans women, as well as non-binary individuals who identify with feminism. 

MashUp is committed to cultivating a collaborative, inspirational community that is welcoming to all female-identifying artists and allies; to serving as a space for female-identifying artists to be uplifted, mid-career artists to receive support, and early-career dancers to have accessible opportunities to train and grow; and to providing arts engagement opportunities for people of varying backgrounds, cultures, experiences, races, abilities, and socio-economic statuses to celebrate and participate in the wealth of thought and creativity that female-identifying artists bring. 

Celebrate International Women's Day with MashUp

IWD 2023

Learn more about the IWDDF here.

A track record in supporting women's advancement

MashUp has previously hosted events focusing on women's advocacy.

For National Women's Equality Day, MashUp created a dance film featuring work by three LA-based Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) choreographers.

The film explored racial tensions within the feminist movement, and premiered during a night of cocktails and panel conversations that uplifted art, intersection, and introspection.

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