Participate in the Bernina Canada 30-Day #EmbraceEquity Challenge

 February 09, 2023

International Women's Day (IWD) unites groups and individuals across the world through participation in activities that help raise awareness and accelerate gender parity.

With community participation and inclusive action playing such a huge part of IWD, what better way to get involved than to complete a 30-day #EmbraceEquity challenge on social media?

In the lead up to IWD, Bernina Canada launched their 30-Day #EmbraceEquity Challenge that celebrates the women who uplift others and bring joy.

The Bernina Canada's 30-Day #EmbraceEquity Challenge provides a collective means to purposefully and intentionally raise awareness about the need to #EmbraceEquity and celebrate women - all while connecting with fellow community via a shared and unified experience.

Harnessing a thriving community of talented quilters

Quilter on Fire IWD challenge

The 30-Day #EmbraceEquity Challenge is spearheaaded by Bernina Canada Ambassador Brandy Maslowski [pictured above] to inspire further makers through their creative passion. 

Brandy is an influential textile artist, quilt maker, and teacher who promotes her life motto 'More Joy, Less Overwhelm' through Quilter On Fire, her growing community of passionate, talented quilters who are leaning into the world of textile art.

Moving from the prairies of Canada to the Okanagan in her 40s, Brandy now lives a life of quilting and outdoor adventure.

Beyond her passion for quilting she enjoys quality interaction with good humans, hiking, travel, and tea. For 30 years Brandy has turned to quilting and textile art as a way to de-stress and melt away her troubles.

Brandy's goal is to empower quilters to embrace their artistic side and find their inner creative zone.

Brandy loves exploring the texture, color and boundless possibilities of fabric and stitch, and travelling the world to educate, speak and ignite creativity. 

Brandy's own supportive resources and information are designed to bring more joy and less overwhelm to quilters in their studio, and her dream is to build a thriving community of creative quilters who dive into their studios again and again as their creative reprieve.

Brandy's community platform offers the weekly Quilter on Fire podcast and YouTube channel, quilt destination travel all over the world, and the Square One – Stepping Into Textile Art Bootcamp.

Celebrating women in their world

Through the 30-Day Challenge, Brandy encourages people to #EmbraceEquity and post their own responses to her prompts on Instagram - and asks that her audience use the hashtags #EmbraceEquity and #QOFembraceequity so she and further participants can celebrate the collective activity.

"Do any, do all, have fun - simply participate in any way you can. Let's rise up and shout out for 30 days leading up to International Women's Day on March 8th. This challenge is for everyone who would like to spend the next 30 days celebrating women in their world," explains Brandy.

BERNINA International AG is one of the world's leading sewing and embroidery machine manufacturers. The Swiss family-owned company's products are synonymous with innovation and precision. Above all, they are known for their durability. Bernina sewing machines are used worldwide by people with a passion for sewing.

The BERNINA Canada 30-Day #EmbraceEquity Challenge

IWD #EmbraceEquity QuilteronFire Bernina

Ready to start the challenge? 

Check out the prompts below and share your answers on social media using the hashtags #EmbraceEquity and #QOFembraceequity.

#1: Strike the #EmbraceEquity pose.

#2: Post a female volunteer in your life.

#3: If you could have a cup of tea with any female past or present, who would it be?

#4: Post a female online creator you are really loving lately.

#5: Post your female author you love.

#6: Who is a female public figure you admire?

#7: Post a female in your family who lifts you up.

#8: Who is a female food creator you love?

#9: Who is a female in history you admire?

#10: Post a piece advice from a female that has really stuck with you.

#11: If you were stranded on an island with any female who would you choose?

#12: Post a female athlete you admire.

#13: Post a female musician/band you love.

#14: Post a female artist you love past or present?

#15: Strike the #EmbraceEquity pose.

#16: Post a female past or present who did a small act which made a big difference?

#17: If you had $1000, which female cause or charity would you support?

#18: Which person lifts you up in your creative endeavours?

#19: Who is a strong, smart, brave female child in your life? (Or name a few!)

#20: What is a skill that was passed down to you by a female in your life?

#21: Name a female that taught you well in school.

#22: What is a female-run organization that you belong to?

#23: Post a quote on female empowerment.

#24: Post a female who is breaking a glass ceiling.

#25: A female in your world today who lifts you up?

#26: Name a woman who uses her voice to #EmbraceEquity.

#27: What female achievement in history should we celebrate about embracing equity?

#28: Who is a female that you support in your world?

#29: Which female if your life brings you joy?

#30: Strike the #EmbraceEquity pose. How are you going to step forward to embrace equity?



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