Talented typographers worldwide #EmbracesEquity through creative designs

 February 09, 2023

It's important to celebrate the work of women creatives, actively elevating their visibility for commercial success. The IWD Women Creatives Mission showcases and promotes the work of talented women creatives worldwide.

And there are some truly talented women to showcase - meet Julee, a lettering artist based in Indiana USA who specializes in calligraphy, hand lettering, watercolor, and digital lettering.

Take a look at Julee's fabulous #EmbraceEquity artwork [pictured above]. Within her unique typography, Julee cleverly incorporates the IWD color of purple that signifies justice and dignity, and being loyal to the cause.

International Women’s Day is March 8th and the year-long campaign theme is #EmbraceEquity

"We would benefit from a diversity of gender in the workplace...A diversity of gender means a diversity of views and ideas. Embracing equity also means protecting bodily autonomy for women, just as men have bodily autonomy. Embracing equity also means to me sharing family responsibility equally," says Julee.

Taking part in an IWD creative challenge

Julee's design is part of an IWD challenge run in collaboration with the TYPISM community, a worldwide network of typographers and lettering artists.

The IWD Typism Lettering Challenge calls for lettering artists worldwide to show their support for IWD's Women Creatives Mission through creating artwork that supports the #EmbraceEquity campaign theme. 

Lettering artists worldwide - novice or experienced - are invited to post their lettering creations on Instagram with the aim of showing solidarity in calling on communities to help challenge gender inequality and #EmbraceEquity.

Previously drawing on personal experience for IWD designs

IWD typism challenge

This isn't the first time Julee has showcased her impressive talent through the IWD TYPISM Lettering Challenge.

International Women's Day 2022 saw Julee create a design inspired by the #BreakTheBias annual campaign theme, once again incorporating her choice of the IWD purple.

In her reflections on the theme, Julee drew on her personal experience of gender inequality in her engineering career. 

"#BreakTheBias refers to ending the bias that gives men the advantage over women in a variety of situations. The International Women's Day website has some great statistics as to how women are at a disadvantage professionally, like getting hired for a technical role or getting grants for research. As an engineer, I can attest to the smaller percentage of women in technical positions at the places I have worked. I hope everyone will become aware of any biases they have, which are often subconscious, and work on changing their mindset to believe women are just as capable as men," explained Julee. 

Digital lettering inspired by literature 

IWD Oscar Wilde quote

Beyond her IWD creations, Julee also enjoys creating designs that empower women.

One of Julee's designs uses digital lettering that reads: "Every woman is a rebel".

This inspiring quote is taken from A Woman of No Importance (1893), a play penned by the celebrated author and well-known society rebel, Oscar Wilde. 

Julee reminds women of the need to be rebels in the fight for equality by breaking down societal barriers, freely living their authentic selves, and driving change for all. 

Discover further talented artists and take part in the challenge

Inspired by Julee's artwork? Check out her other designs over on Instagram.

And be sure to support further talented typographers you'll find across social media platforms.

And, if you've got an #EmbraceEquity creation to share, reach out as we'd love to consider sharing and promoting it to the world.



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