The world needs more women leaders, a mission close to YPO's heart

 February 22, 2023

“I had all these ideas for building a great company, but my ideas were not heard, and I know other female executives have been in that situation,” says Yvonne Chan, President & CEO of Santé Circle Health - a dedicated healthcare company she founded in Toronto, Canada to help people maximize their daily abilities.  

Yvonne wanted to create a legacy. She wanted to make a difference in the way disability is managed globally, while providing intergenerational wealth and financial stability for her family. An immigrant from Hong Kong to Canada, Yvonne grew up watching her parents work long hours running a restaurant. Building an impactful career as a minority female entrepreneur, Yvonne has always involved her two daughters along the way, so they could see first-hand what happens when you dream big. 

Support that spans borders, cultures and generations

Yvonne is a member of YPO (Young Presidents' Organization), a thriving global leadership community like no other. She has drawn extensively upon the incredible relationships built through YPO, a global movement that opens up a world of opportunities spanning borders, cultures and generations.

Yvonne took her issues to her YPO forum, a tight-knit and confidential group of members who meet regularly forging deep, trusting relationships while offering support on the most delicate business and personal issues. They immediately rallied around her with support. “They helped me understand the troubles in my work dynamic and helped me see my blind spots,” explains Yvonne. “I started to believe in myself when I saw all these YPO leaders, who I respect, believing in me.” Yvonne is a natural business driver. "I’m passionate, and I wanted to prove that a female executive with an authentic business strategy could succeed. Once I fully immersed myself in the YPO experience, became vulnerable and learned to be true to my own self, that’s when my relationships and my business flourished.”

Now, Yvonne's company boasts more than 100 employees, 2,100 consultants, and 310 physical locations. “My journey has been challenging. If it wasn’t for YPO — from my forum to other YPO members helping me get my company off the ground — I would not be in this situation today. I am the company that YPO built.” Yvonne attests that her entire journey has focused on building personal relationships, finding passionate people, and learning to surround herself with people working toward a greater good and finding happiness in meaningful work helping others.

A solid community of support sees YPO women thrive

YPO women

Many women attest to the solid foundation and strong community of support they enjoy via YPO

"YPO is like having a safety net because you’ll always find someone who is willing to give you a hand or help you grow as an individual to overcome any situation...and basically it gives you access to a network of resources that outside of YPO would be impossible to find," says Carmen Cedre, President at bloOm Beauty Inc.

"YPO is an organization like no other, where personal development and professional know-how are enhanced by the daily interactions and sharing of experiences of very diverse peers locally and globally, supported by a fantastic educational program. YPO knows no boundaries; it’s a place where the impossible becomes possible," explains Tatiana Moussalli Nouri, Managing Director at Aim Group ltd.

"YPO has enriched my life both professionally and personally through the incredible people I have met, friends I have made and only in YPO experiences I have been fortunate enough to have in Australia and around the world," comments Carolyn Creswell, Chief Executive Officer at Carman’s Fine Foods Pty Ltd.

"I found a family here in YPO where everybody brings something different to the table, their experiences, their background, their industries, and I find myself learning from all of them," says Julie Uhrman, President & CEO, WFC LA, Inc.

"I count my decision to join the YPO as one of the best decisions of my life. During the initial YPO years, I was excited to just be a part of this amazing group of peers and have access to great learning events at our chapter," adds Nisha Purushothaman, Managing Director & Vice-Chairperson at Empee Hotels Limited.

"I would recommend to any woman in business to join YPO, because it’s a true life-changing experience!" says Christine Assouad, Founder & CEO, Dunkin Donuts Lebanon and Semsom.

"As a female member of the YPO, especially in Southeast Asia, it’s a growing community. And I really enjoy being part of that community, to not only learning from my female peers but also supporting and mentoring and receiving mentoring back," comments Harjit Gill, CEO at Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed).

"There’s an immediate network of people that are reaching out to you that can help you with anything and everything and are very willing to do so. There’s no transition time. You’re in YPO, they pick up the phone immediately. I’d say that’s been super helpful," says Laura Kessler, CEO of Kessler Hospitality.

The world needs better leaders

YPO women

Bringing together over 33,000 extraordinary executives driven by a shared belief that the world needs better leaders, YPO helps executives to create monumental impact in their lives, businesses and the world. All the women members in YPO have achieved significant leadership success at a young age, are leaders in their business or organization, and meet specific global criteria.

YPO's history is long, its achievements many, and its trajectory ever-forward. Its community is an inclusive and welcoming one of sharing and trust. Each member brings a diverse background of culture, perspectives, ideas and expertise. These are leaders who strive to grow in all aspects of their lives, with a thirst for learning and new experiences. Members learn from one another, access rich learning programs, share exceptional experiences, and make lasting friendships.

Connections with leaders - locally, globally, personally 

YPO membership

The YPO experience is built on a foundation of community, and members choose how they want to connect.

  • Connect locally - Member journeys begin with their YPO chapter - their home base in the YPO community. Chapters are central to creating lasting relationships with local members through bespoke learning, social events and shared experiences in the same geographic area.
  • Connect globally - The YPO experience expands exponentially through YPO Networks, virtual interest-based communities opening door to peers sharing professional and personal interests.
  • Connect personally -  YPO's most personal connection point is YPO forum, a small tight-knit group forging deep, trusting relationships, providing a confidential resource to rely upon on unconditionally for honest insight and perspective.
  • Connect through leadership - Across the community, members step up to serve as leaders leading leaders, driving the YPO experience on every level. Joining more than 10,000 members who volunteer to lead without authority, communicate across cultures, build consensus, handle conflict productively, and celebrate relationships along the way can be very impactful.

YPO women

YPO has a clear vision to be a truly diverse and inclusive leadership organization that positively impacts diversity and inclusion in businesses and communities across the globe.

Across 14 regions and 150 countries, YPO helps create deep, personal connections with top leaders in virtually any industry, any type of business, anywhere in the world. YPO's regions cover Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Mid-America U.S., Pacific U.S., Northeastern U.S., Southeast U.S. & Caribbean, Western U.S., Middle East & North Africa, North Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia. 

Be part of this incredible global community

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