Dallas Mavericks #EmbraceEquity for International Women's Day 2023

 March 03, 2023

Mobilizing communities behind a cause is an impactful way to forge change. Bringing people together for International Women's Day (IWD) raises awareness, educates and inspires about gender equality, and encourages solidarity and allyship for women. 

Basketball legends, the Dallas Mavericks, rallied and mobilized their community to #EmbraceEquity as they marked IWD across the American Airlines Center with the support of AT&T, a company that squarely puts diversity, equity and inclusion at the center of everything they do.

In the uplifting and high-energy setting of the stadium, fans were encouraged to support IWD and think about a better and more inclusive world.

Celebrating International Women's Day

Dallas Mavericks

The game saw the Dallas Mavericks play the Philadelphia 76ers at their home stadium in Dallas, Texas.

The positive energy surely motivated the team, who enjoyed an impressive win with a spectacular performance from players Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic becoming the first tandem in the team's history to score 40 points each.

Striking the #EmbraceEquity pose to reinforce commitment

Dallas Mavericks Embrace Equity

A diverse collage of women and men striking the #EmbraceEquity pose was accompanied by Rachel Platten's uplifting and empowering Fight Song as female fans were beamed onto the big screen.

Whether out on the court, in the community, or in their offices, success for the Dallas Mavericks depends on the ability of a diverse group of individuals with a range of experience and perspectives. The "Mavs Family" is made up of hard-working, fun-loving and innovative people who, as true Mavericks, set the global standard for ultimate fan experiences, unmatched emotional connections and extraordinary workplace culture.

Cynt Marshall is CEO of Dallas Mavericks, supported by a further woman Gail O’Bannon, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Empowering young girls through basketball

Girls Empowered by Mavs

Beyond its fabulous IWD activity, the Dallas Mavericks are inspiring the next generation through Girls Empowered by Mavs (GEM) program. GEM aims to engage, inspire and empower young girls (9-14) using physical activity as a backdrop for their continued development and success. Girls learn to value their whole self; discover and develop their inherent strengths; and receive the support they need to navigate the challenges they face.

During the pandemic, Mavs Academy youth basketball senior coordinator Kelli Robinson spent many hours on Zoom visiting with girls between ages 9-14. She realized that age group in particular not only needed - but deserved - more attention, care and encouragement, and the Dallas Mavericks agreed. GEM was born from there, and the program has reached hundreds of young women across North Texas through numerous programs and outreach endeavors. 

A safe environment for girls to be themselves

The Dallas Mavericks

The desire to create a program like GEM became a personal mission for Keli because she’d witnessed first-hand the growing apathy among young female athletes who she coached and worked with. The Mavericks hope to change that and get more young girls, especially between ages 9-14, involved in the game.

“We wanted to develop a safe, emotionally and physically, environment for young girls to be themselves. We want to ignite this hope and belief inside them where they fully understand their potential. I believe that the females in this organization are the backbone for why this initiative can succeed. We are so fortunate to have a platform here at the Mavs that allows us to share our experiences and use them as tips to help others," said Keli.

“These are the girls of the future. This generation, I truly believe, is going to change the world. It is our job, as an organization with credibility and tremendous leaders, to give them a platform to do so. From the beginning, we have lived by the words: engage, inspire and empower. Why? Because every female, no matter their age, deserves to be inspired, feel empowered and continue to engage with the ones around them," added Keli.

Mobilizing communities to raise awareness

Around the world, people are having meaningful conversations about why equal opportunities aren't enough, and why equal isn't always fair. The support from huge communities such as the Dallas Mavericks is vital in continuing impactful conversations across the community on a wide-reaching scale. 

Engage your own community in impactful conversations. Raise awareness. Help forge positive change for women.



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