Blackpool Tower Dungeon supports #EmbraceEquity campaign theme for IWD

 March 03, 2023

The profession of acting had a very rocky start for women's equality. The birth of theater in Ancient Greece saw men play female characters, and early productions of Shakespeare featuring a male Lady Macbeth and Juliet. Now, thanks to cultural change and a movement to drive equality for both the cast and audience, theater can be a powerful stage for showcasing women’s stories and championing both equality and equity.

Celebrating International Women's Day (IWD) and supporting the #EmbraceEquity campaign theme The Blackpool Tower Dungeon shone a light on women past and present through a photo shoot with an all-female cast. From different walks of life, these talented women came together to promote and support International Women's Day.

Breaking down traditional gender stereotypes

Blackpool Tower Dungeon IWD

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is an immersive and interactive experience based in the UK that brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides that take visitors through 1000 years of local history. During the IWD photo shoot, actors took on the roles of a jester with a dark sense of humor, a plague doctor, and a torturer among others as they take guests on a journey through Lancashire’s murky history.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon knows well the complicated relationship between history and gender equality. Promoting the IWD campaign theme #EmbraceEquity, The Blackpool Tower Dungeon used the photo shoot to break down traditional gender stereotypes and promote the gender equity messaging that works to correct the historical path that assigns women to certain roles and expectations. With this in mind, the actors played professions that would have been impossible for women at the time, such as a court judge from the 1600s and a monk in the Dark Ages.

“Having an all-female cast is such an amazing experience for the actors who will be involved and secondly, for people to see that we are actively taking a stance; we are diverse and proud of what we do. I love that we’ve brought these strong women together for a special experience for guests and the team. We’re standing with women on International Women’s Day," said The Blackpool Tower Dungeon Lead Actor, Katie Buchanan. 

Pushing boundaries with diversity

"For me, it was how we represent diversity within the dungeons. We're a historical attraction and a lot of our facts are based on historical truth. Politically, we have changed over time, and we have to move with the new times as well as keeping the old history. With it being International Women's Day, we need to represent our female-presenting cast members and how they get represented without our company. We have these amazing actors, and they can bring these characters to life in a magical and at the same time horrific way," explained The Blackpool Tower Dungeon Performance Supervisor, Jamie Humphreys. 

"I always try and push the boundaries with diversity, whether that's International Women's Day, trans right, or the LGBTQ plus scene, we always try and represent every single person when they come through the door, from the audition process to them getting onto the floor to how we represent as a company. An all-female cast for International Women's Day is an amazing experience, one for the female cast members that we have and for people to see that we are making a stance. We are diverse, we're here, and we're proud of what we do," added Jamie.

Inspired by the efforts of The Blackpool Tower Dungeon?

For International Women's Day, bring together your community to promote gender equality. The Blackpool Tower Dungeon's educational and entertaining retelling of history proves that there are many fabulous ways to raise awareness - all it takes is a sprinkle of creativity and some outside-the-box thinking!

What do you want to say around the topic of gender equality? What skills, experience, resources, and network do you have to spread the word? 

Creativity has no boundaries, and neither should you. 

How are you going to embrace equity and creativity?



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