Talented young YouTubers Smyrna and Nathan share uplifting resource for IWD

 March 03, 2023

Bringing together audiences to participate in impactful International Women's Day (IWD) events can provide a key educational moment. And learning about gender equality can start at any age.

It is vital, in fact, to support young people in understanding age-appropriate topics related to gender equality, encouraging them to raise awareness by sharing what they've learned with their peers. Breaking down gender stereotypes and barriers from a young age can help children grown into adults who are free from limitations.

Perhaps at a young age, gender equality could sometimes feel like a complicated issue. Parents, teachers, and further caregivers can draw upon a range of IWD resources to help their children or students #EmbraceEquity.

Be inspired by uplifting quotes from famous women

Start with this engaging IWD video from young content creators, Smyrna and Nathan.

These siblings share their daily life on YouTube, as well as things they've learned to benefit other kids, from school projects, to arts and crafts, STEM, and entertaining videos. 

Smyrna and Nathan's IWD video spotlights a diverse cohort of women, both past and present, who have made a major impact on our society. From Malala Yousafzai and Maya Angelou to Michelle Obama and Mary Shelley, the video shares inspiring, motivational, and uplifting quotes from icons across politics, fashion, activism, leadership, and literature.

While a great educational tool in itself, this video can be a stepping stone that encourages children to do further research into famous women throughout history, and perhaps create their own set of quotes to inspire them and their friends.

Embracing the IWD campaign theme

While Smyrna and Nathan are sharing their knowledge, a further group of engaged young people are getting behind the #EmbraceEquity theme. 

An English teacher from IES Al-Qázeres Bilingual Education Programme, created a collage of video clips where students and students are embracing one another as a show of support of IWD. 

IWD is a spirited call to all

The women of Victoria University Information Technology Services (ITS) team also had something to say: "International Women’s Day is not just about celebrating women’s achievements, it’s also about taking action. It’s a spirited call to all individuals, organizations, and governments to work together to achieve gender equality and equity."

Embracing equity among university students

University College Dublin also saw its students share their insight on the #EmbraceEquity campaign theme via a Middle East & Africa IWD Panel Discussion.

Thank you for supporting the next generation

Thank you to all the teachers, parents, and caregivers around the world educating children around gender equality topics, and inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves.

Your work helps future generations grow into happy, successful, and thriving adults, who will one day become role models themselves.



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