Google's IWD 2023 campaign theme invited women to #DareToBe

 March 04, 2023

"The beauty of International Women's Day is that it connects, supports and celebrates women in STEM. It pushes us to be a part of the change the world is waiting for," explains Durdona Bakhronova, a Super Dispatch Software Engineer based in Uzbekistan. 

Durdona is an Ambassador for Google's Women Techmakers community that provides important visibility, community, and resources for women in the industry. Durdona enhances her career by accessing curated resources and events, as well as information and tools from Google, its partners, and the global tech ecosystem. Durdona is part of a global network of thousands of Women Techmakers members and Ambassadors across almost every country in the world.

Since 2013, Women Techmakers Ambassadors around the world have hosted thousands of events in celebration of International Women’s Day. Varying from large summits to intimate gatherings, these events provide education, connection and inspiration for local tech communities.

IWD women techmakers

"For 2023, the theme of IWD is Dare To Be," announced Google. "Ambassadors will host events that empower their community to have the courage and confidence to dream big and take risks. Whether it’s bold, resilient, innovative or more, we invite everyone to think about all the ways you will “Dare To Be” in 2023!"

Building a world where all women can thrive in tech

Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers Ambassadors are leaders who are passionate about empowering their communities through organizing events, public speaking, creating content, and mentoring. Importantly, they have access to a global community and exclusive resources.

The Ambassador program supports women in technology looking to create impact and give back to their communities. So, as an Ambassador, the women engage with their community by participating in one or more leadership activities on a quarterly basis, receiving support from Google and the larger Ambassador community to:

  • Organize an event - Host a meet-up, power panel, or an International Women’s Day event to educate, connect and inspire your tech community
  • Deliver a talk - Share your expertise on any topic. Previous ambassadors have shared their knowledge on Google technologies, diversity, equality, and inclusion efforts, well-being, and more
  • Create a resource - Film a video, create custom code snippets, or write a blog post, and share your knowledge with the community
  • Mentor others - Mentor others and help empower the next generation of technologists

By joining the program, Ambassadors enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • Network - Connect with 1000+ Ambassadors worldwide who are equally passionate about technology and creating a more diverse and inclusive industry.
  • Lead - Play an active role in your tech community through organizing events, speaking, creating content, or mentoring, with support from Google.
  • Learn - Receive exclusive access to Google-led talks and workshops on topics like developing your leadership skills and going deep on Google technologies.
  • Shine - Be recognized for your impactful work in the community by the global Women Techmakers team.


IWD 2023 Women Techmakers DareToBe badge

IWD Google Developer Badge

For IWD 2023, Women Techmakers designed an IWD badge to add to a Google Developer Profile.

A Google Developer Profile is a way to learn about Google technologies and unlock achievements. Profiles capture achievements with badges and saves the women's progress as they complete pathways, which include codelabs and videos. Badges are achievements earnt from completing a learning activity, such as a codelab or quiz, or from participating in Google Developer communities or events.

Google IWD 2023

Attend a tech-focused IWD event

There are so many exciting IWD events taking place across six continents.

Virtual, in-person, or hybrid, events cover tech-related topics such as cloud, data, DevOps, design, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile development, enterprise & business solutions, ads & traffic analytics, and android.

Find an IWD tech event near you using the Google Women Techmakers IWD Event Directory.

Google IWD 2023

Using AI to embrace equity

Google also supported the IWD 2023 #EmbraceEquity campaign theme, by asking women founders how they use AI to help forge equity.

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