How do we embrace equity in today’s technology sector?

 March 04, 2023

"March 8th is International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity. The call has never been more necessary or urgent. Women are being hit hard by changing labor markets, especially in the technology sector," writes Shelli Brunswick for Forbes.

Shelli is Chief Operating Officer of Space Foundation and is a regular speaker on technology used for the betterment of humanity and planet Earth. Space Foundation is a global nonprofit leader in space awareness activities, educational programs that bring space into the classroom, and major industry events.

"Traditional societal roles suggest men are often the change-makers. Not only is this inaccurate, but it isn’t fair to either gender. In the technology industry, as well as other spheres, such thinking can cause men to look at gender more in terms of quotas than what a female job candidate has to offer and what upward mobility could look like. This type of thinking also undersells women’s abilities to advocate for themselves and their interests," writes Shelli.

"There are many ways to #EmbraceEquity. It starts by showing children and students new pathways and what’s possible through education..." suggests Shelli.

"We also must provide better examples of women in leadership than what they see on the news or hear over social media. In space technology, in particular, we need to offer present-day role models rather than historical figures and showcase their space-to-Earth contributions—such as mammograms and cataract repair—rather than focusing solely on space exploration conquests. We can rise above the noise by providing easy access to innovative curriculums, professional internships and outside programming that demonstrates what a career could look like," she explains.

"For people already in the workforce, we need to open our minds in terms of how we conceptualize jobs..." says Shelli.

Shelli believes that solving earth’s greatest challenges will require diversity and inclusion to accelerate a path to solutions. "We have to collaborate with one another on a global scale to appreciate what others offer. Not only will working together aid in innovation and economic development as well as diplomacy, but this is also how we empower women and other underserved groups. This is how we create change. This is how we #EmbraceEquity," comments Shelli.

Read Shelli's article on Forbes in full here.

Shelli is a truly remarkable woman who has achieved and contributed a great deal throughout her impressive career. Learn more about, follow and connect with Shelli here.

The thrill of unlocking innovation that benefits humanity

Shelli Brunswick - Space Foundation

Shelli says one of her favorite things about working in tech is the unlimited potential for discovery and the thrill of unlocking innovation that benefits humanity and improves the scope of our existence. "Throughout history, humanity has experienced landmark discoveries that have propelled us into marked periods of prosperity and vastly improved our quality of life on Earth. My own field, the arena of space technology, offers countless contributions to human progress. Things like ATMs, Smartphones, and even the saving grace of the Covid closedown, Zoom, are great examples of how space tech can completely redefine the future," explains Shelli.

"Working in tech means standing at the forefront of discovery, where work mingles with wonder and yields the solutions to humanity’s greatest struggles. It’s also a playing field completely blind to discrimination, which I love. Scientific secrets and exciting discoveries in tech are waiting for the best and the brightest, regardless of their gender, orientation, belief system or cultural heritage. Being part of that collective human push forward is what inspires me to continue my work and to welcome others into the rewarding initiative toward human growth and progress," she adds.

Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, offering a gateway to education, information and collaboration for space exploration and space-inspired industries that define the global space ecosystem.



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