'Let's Fly Together' - An IWD poem on women's solidarity, leadership and equality

 March 07, 2023

Poetry has the power to create connections and understanding around topics of gender equality. A catalyst to share their thoughts and feelings with the world, poets can use their words to educate, empower and engage people in important conversations, while raising awareness and inciting action.

For International Women's Day (IWD), poets around the world are using their creativity to support important #EmbraceEquity messaging. ​​We celebrate these poetic artists and their communities, and hope their inspirational work is widely shared, credited, and enjoyed.

Based in Sahiwal in Pakistan, poet Ayesha Islam uses the power of poetry to encourage her readers to #EmbraceEquity, penning an inspiring poem for IWD.

Titled Let's Fly Together, Ayesha's poem explores themes of women's solidarity, empowerment, leadership, and equality - all of which align with the values and mission of IWD.

Let's Fly Together


Let's flap our wings and fly together,

Break the chains of patriarchy forever. 

We stand united, hand in hand,

No longer silent, we take a stand.


We need more women in leadership roles,

Their ideas, their vision, and their goals.

We own our bodies, we own our minds,

We leave oppression far behind.


We lift each other up, we amplify our voice,

We fight for our rights and our choice,

Together we'll reach the highest of heights,

And achieve our goals with all our might.


Let's build a world where love conquers hate,

And create a future we'll all celebrate.

Not just a dream, but a reality to see,

Where women are truly, completely, free.


Ayesha Islam

Inspired by Ayesha's poem?

Share Ayesha's poem with your friends, family, colleagues, and others in your network - not forgetting to credit the fabulous poet behind the words!

If you fancy penning your own piece, share it with the IWD community. Feel free to send in your creation directly.

The world awaits your words!




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