Nicola Meekin's IWD poem honors female trailblazers who have paved the way for women

 March 08, 2023

International Women's Day brings together creatives from all over the world who are producing inspiring pieces of art centered around women and the female experience.

Meet Nicola Meekin, a British poet based in Kingston-Upon-Hull, East Yorkshire. Nicola is the author of The Rambling Rhymes of an Imperfect Mind, a debut anthology of unconventional poetry described as "a matter-of-fact observation of modern day life". 

"I have always had a love of poetry. There is just something about being able to write in rhyme. I feel like it gives my thoughts and feelings some kind of order. I find writing things down a great form of catharsis, and you could possibly say that my poetry has aided some level of self-preservation. I enjoy thinking out of the box, and looking at situations from different angles. I am, quite typically, a Hull born and bred, Yorkshire lass, who will call a spade a spade, albeit in the descriptive rhyming manner, that I have become accustomed to. In short, writing poetry has helped me to make sense of a world that doesn't always make sense," says Nicola.

Celebrating women through her poetry

A great introduction to Nicola's writing and creative style is her poem Just Women, written for International Women's Day. Just Women describes the strengths, challenges, and achievements of women, and highlights the diversity of the female experience. Most of all, Nicola's poem celebrates the female trailblazers who have paved the way for other women.

Just Women

Mild, meek and feminine, no end.
Strong and supportive,
mother, daughter, sister, friend.

Maternal, rebellious, rambunctious,
but kind.
Many women come straight to mind.

Some have suffered,
oppressed, beaten, 
black and blue,
though at one point,
many have fought for you.

Thinking of the trail blazers,
who paved the way.
Feeling blessed, on International Women's Day.

-- Nicola L Meekin -- 

Offering a personal insight into Nicola's life 

Nicola Meekin poet

Nicola has a health condition called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which can leave her feeling paralyzed with fatigue. Unable to work and isolated from being housebound, Nicola had to discover new coping mechanisms. This sparked her creative side and her rediscovery of her childhood love of writing poetry.

The Rambling Rhymes of an Imperfect Mind offers an insight into the life of someone living with an invisible illness, as well as other topics personal to Nicola. Written in the form of a cathartic journal, with Nicola's thoughts and feelings captured in real time, this collection will make readers smile and laugh. 

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