"Remember, each person is an influencer. Your voice matters," says Billie Jean King

 March 09, 2023

One of the best things about International Women's Day (IWD) is that everyone can participate. Furthermore, everyone can have impact within their own sphere of influence.

That's what makes IWD so inclusive, and makes all IWD activity valid.

On International Women's Day, sports icon and equality champion Billie Jean King [pictured above] amplified important messaging around the importance of having an impact.

"Remember, each person is an influencer. Your voice matters," said the former number one tennis player.

Billie Jean was alongside further groundbreaking and innovative women as they gathered for the Forbes 30/50 Summit that sees a week of panels, mentorship and collaboration. The Summit, marking International Women’s Day (IWD), featured legendary speakers including Former United States Secretary of State, Senator, First Lady, Lawyer, Author and Activist Hillary Rodham Clinton; journalist and activist Gloria Steinem; and First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska. 

Tweeting and striking the IWD 2023 #EmbraceEquity pose, a global sign of solidarity demonstrating a commitment to being equitable, Billie Jean reminded that: "Equal opportunities are no longer enough. #EmbraceEquity #InternationalWomensDay"

Bille Jean King - #EmbraceEquity IWD

Billie Jean is founder of BJK Enterprises, a women-owned and women-led investment, consulting, and marketing firm that puts Billie Jean King’s philosophy and brand value to work, capitalizing on her long-standing advocacy for equality.

Discussing gender equality with friend in feminism, Gloria Steinem

Billie Jean King tennis player

During the summit, Billie Jean was invited to take part in what she described as an "enlightening conversation" around equality with fellow female icons whose influence spans nations, generations, and industries. The engaging conversations centered around work done and progress made, and the barriers to women's equality that still need to be broken. 

An outstanding icon for sports and social justice 

Billie Jean is a tennis champion and advocate for equity in sports and wages, LGBTQ rights and diverse, inclusive leadership. Her groundbreaking achievements make her an icon in both sports and social justice. Still, decades later, she has her eyes on equal pay for women. While the wage disparity has not shrunk enough, one thing she does note is that women today are more active than ever in seeking economic opportunity for themselves and others.

“Please women, follow the money. Because what can money do? Fantastic things in life. It gives you freedom, mobility, all kinds of things that we never dreamed of," said Billie Jean.

Honored for advancing gender equality in sport

Know your value award Forbes

Forbes also honored Billie Jean with the Know Your Value award for her work advancing for gender equality in sports, advocacy for the LGBTQ community and fight to end the gender wage disparity.

Billie Jean discussed the importance of knowing one’s value in and outside of the workplace and most important, in oneself. Billie Jean also said she was honored to be sharing this week with so many of her “She-roes.”

"Knowing your value is an important part of your journey. Your value increases when you show up and speak up, and when you champion others," adds Billie Jean on Twitter in response to this prestigious and well-deserved accolade.

The award, presented to Billie Jean by Hillary Clinton, spotlights women over the age of 50 who are shattering age and gender norms across every sector of business, politics, the sciences and society.

Bringing together the world's most powerful women 

For Billie Jean King, Forbes 30/50 Summit was a "terrific way to spend International Women's Day."

Held in Abu Dhabi, the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Forbes 30/50 Summit brought together the world's most powerful women for International Women's Day.

Over the past decade, the Forbes 30 Under 30 has become the world’s most important honor for young entrepreneurs and leaders, while a new list, the 50 Over 50, which showcases how, for women, experience and wisdom and leadership mean that success no longer has an expiration date.

The 2023 Summit drew again from both of these communities - the young super-achievers who innovate and the legends and icons with priceless experience - to host one of the greatest global event for women in history. Taking place in one of the world’s great crossroads, Abu Dhabi, delegates enjoyed the diverse and vibrant capital of the United Arab Emirates. The primary focus on the event was mentoring, where everyone from these communities, along with further world leaders from policy, business and NGOs, were asked to share, and forge new bonds, to work together to make participants smarter about technology, about leadership, about everything that it takes to lead. And to create relationships that will last a lifetime.



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