UK Government embraces equity spotlighting women in STEM for IWD

 March 10, 2023

For International Women’s Day 2023, organizations were encouraged to highlight action as they #EmbraceEquity and help forge a better world for women.

The UK Government marked the day with a series of STEM profiles featuring colleagues from across the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

From scientists and developers, to investigators and PHD students, the UK Government shared stories from the women who are at the forefront of patient protection and developments in medicines and medical devices, and who have a passion for STEM.

Read more on the UK Government's website here.

Barbara Draghi
Research Applications Developer
Health Data Science Team

IWD UK Government

“Dream big and never lose your curiosity,” says Barbara Draghi, Research Applications Developer, Health Data Science Team, MHRA

Read Barbara's insight.

Richa Pathak Sharma
Lead Architect

Richa Pathak Sharma IWD

“I will always be a STEM student,” says Richa Pathak Sharma, Lead Architect, MHRA

Read Richa's insight.

Barbara Carter
Senior Criminal Enforcement Officer
Criminal Enforcement

Barbra Carter IWD

“Always strive to find out the truth,” says Barbara Carter, Senior Criminal Enforcement Officer, Criminal Enforcement, MHRA.

Read Barbra's insight.

Manasi Majumdar
Principal Scientist
Global Diseases

Manasi Majumdar IWD

“Be curious, ask questions and listen wisely,” says Manasi Majumdar, Principal Scientist, Global Diseases.

Read Manasi's insight.

Evette Hillman
Microbiome PhD student

Evette Hilman, IWD

“A career in science is an exciting and fulfilling choice,” says Evette Hillman, Microbiome PhD student.

Read Evette's insight.

Harriet Teare
Deputy Director of Partnerships

Harriet Teare IWD

"STEM is central to many global challenges and working together across disciplines will be key," says Harriet Teare, Deputy Director of Partnerships.

Read Harriet's insight.

Chrysi Sergaki
Principle Scientist

Chrysi Sergaki IWD

“There is always more to learn – the sky is the limit,” says Chrysi Sergaki, Principle Scientist.

Read Chrys' insight.

Caroline Vipond

“STEM is always evolving - you never know what’s round the next corner,” says Caroline Vipond, Bacteriology.

Read Caroline's insight.


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