Lettering by Libbi Reed & Doodles by Dominique Falla

Join the International Women’s Day Annual Lettering Challenge 2024

The power of creativity for positive change is massive.

We are excited to again collaborate with the Typism Community for a fifth year of the Annual International Women's Day Lettering Challenge.

We are consistently thrilled by the amazing work created by talented lettering artists worldwide showing their support through creating artwork highlighting the annual International Women's Day campaign theme.

Lettering provides a great opportunity for self-expression and statement-making. "The 2024 IWD theme is #InspireInclusion and it’s a timely and relevant call to action and a statement of hope and inspiration," says Typism.

Solidarity through creativity

TypismBook IWD Letteringchallenge

Lettering artists worldwide—novice or experienced—are invited to post their lettering creations across social media with the aim of showing solidarity in calling on communities to help challenge gender inequality and #InspireInclusion.

Everyone, everywhere can play a part becuase all creations are valid. That's what makes IWD inclusive.

Share your #InspireInclusion creation with the world

To participate in the IWD x Typism Lettering Challenge, post your Inspire Inclusion lettering on social media using the hashtags:

  • #IWDtypism 
  • #InspireInclusion
  • #IWD2024

Some fabulous examples of inspiration

Here's a brilliant example by digital artist Melanie, based in Los Angeles, California.

IWD typism lettering

And here's a further fabulous creation from Brenda, an Amsterdam-based lettering artist who runs Dus Dat Graphic Design.

IWD typism

Spotlighting and elevating creativity

A selection of impactful entries and their creators will be featured on the International Women’s Day website, and on the IWD and Typism social media channels, throughout the year.

Furthermore, Typism will showcase some of its favorite #InspireInclusion creations on International Women’s Day itself, March 8, so post your work as soon as possible for a chance to be featured.

Self-expression and statement-making

IWD Dominique Falla

Read more about the Founder of Typism Dr Dominique Falla [pictured above], an Associate Professor at Griffith University's Queensland College of Art in Australia - and why the Annual IWD Lettering Challenge provides an important opportunity to spotlight and elevate the power of creativity for positive change.

So, get involved with this year's IWD Lettering Challenge and show the world your creative spirit.


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