Union Bank of India held walkathons in cities across India to #InspireInclusion

Workplaces worldwide bring together colleagues to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) via a wide range of activities. 

In India, one of the largest government-owned banks in the country promoted fitness and inclusion through a company and country-wide IWD #InspireInclusion Empower Her Walkathon. 

Walk on to Inspire Inclusion

The Union Bank of India held these Walkathons in cities across India, from Mumbai, where the bank is headquartered, to Dehli and Bengaluru. 

Colleagues walked together with branded banners, signs, and balloons - taking steps for equality and strides for change.

Yoga for wellbeing and inclusion 

Inspire Inclusion yoga

As well as the IWD #InspireInclusion Empower Her Walkathon, Union Bank of India hosted further activities to support wellbeing and fitness, such as a yoga session for its women employees.

Industry-first, women-focused committee 

The  IWD #InspireInclusion Empower Her Walkathon was organized by the Bank's industry-first, dedicated, women-focused committee aimed at tackling diversity issues at the grass-roots level. The committee's work aims to promote women’s career trajectory and improve diversity in the bank by navigating through existing biases and challenges. 

The objective of the Committee is to understand local problems and highlight the importance of gender equity. The initiative focuses on building a consensus-based, effective solution to any issues that are faced by the Bank's female workforce.

Comprising of senior women leaders, the Committee aims to improve representation at all levels in the Bank. Providing comfortable platform for women to freely express their concerns and needs, the Committee counsels women, encourages active participation in leadership roles and improves performance and productivity.

The Committee members also directly engage with management to develop effective structural changes to establish Union Bank of India as the most preferred employer brand for Women.

A fun run in Nepal to celebrate women's resilience 

Further individuals and groups have organized sports and fitness activities to mark IWD. 

Meet Bimala Shrestha Pokharel, a social entrepreneur and activist, who hostes a fun run at St. Xaviers Ground in Jawalakhel, Nepal.

Bimala is the Founding CEO of Higher Ground Nepal, and a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer. Bimala is also a strong advocate for social justice and mental health. Having spent her childhood in Brunei, Hongkong, and Nepal, and later lived, studied and worked in the U.S. and India, Bimala has developed a deep respect and understanding of cross-cultural and interfaith issues. From her cross-cultural experience, Bimala add values from her training from a global perspective. She is also passionate about serving marginalized youth and women through mentoring, coaching, and entrepreneurial and leadership training.

The annual International Women’s Day 5K fun run celebrates women’s resilience and community change-making. Inaugurated in 2015 as Nepal’s pioneer women's run, Fun Run Nepal has blossomed into an annual celebration of female resilience worldwide. Organized every March as an initiative of Higher Ground Nepal, this event is a call to action, a celebration of empowerment, and a collective journey toward change.

"This event champions women's physical well-being, bolstering their self-esteem and confidence. Together, they run, inspiring and upholding each other. The is more than a race; it's a beacon of awareness. It confronts the grim realities of abuse and exploitation, fueling the fire of change and participation in empowerment initiatives. Our run is a stride towards difference-making, a sprint toward societal change, and a marathon in nation-building. Annually, we lace up for causes close to our hearts, especially gender equality and women's empowerment. It's a moment for women and girls to embrace their true selves, discover their inner fortitude, and voice the silent struggles of many. We don't just run. We ignite change, empower voices, and build a stronger, more equitable Nepal," explains Bimala.

Celebrate IWD with your colleagues to #InspireInclusion 

International Women's Day provides an important opportunity to bring together colleagues to promote inclusion and women's equality in many ways.

Inspired by these fabulous activities?

Why not organize your own fun run or walkathon, and fundraise for a women-focused charity? 

Check out some of fundraising ideas from the IWD charities of choice.



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