GoPro inspires inclusion spotlighting trailblazing women pushing the limits in action sports

GoPro knows how to capture mind-blowing video content. And nobody in the GoPro Family does this better than the women of GoPro - strong, badass individuals redefining what it means to be a sHERO, trailblazing what’s possible with GoPro cameras.

Celebrating and uplifting the women in its company, and its community, is incredibly important to GoPro. This is especially true in the cross-section of the tech and action sports industries that GoPro finds itself in that are often seen as male-dominated.

International Women’s Day gives GoPro yet another opportunity to celebrate and recognize the strong women who work daily to advance the world socially, politically and economically, and who help break barriers of gender inequality.

Promoting IWD's #InspireInclusion theme, GoPro has been shining a spotlight on their sHEROS who are leading the charge in action sports, break records, push limits, and smash the glass ceiling.

Capturing an adventure-fueled ski trip

Over in Switzerland, three impressive women athletes captured their adventure-fueled ski trip in a heart-racing video [pictured above].

GoPro Family members and thrill-seekers Kajsa Larsson, Elisa Deutschmann, Malou Peterson had a great time getting their powder fix on the slopes, recording it all with a GoPro HERO12 Black and Max Lens Mod 2.0.

Spotlighting professional female snowboarder

From skiing to snowboarding, GoPro shared a fabulous image of Elena Hight shredding on the sunny slopes of Alaska, shot using 360° Photo Mode on GoProMAX.

GoPro athlete photo

Elena is a big mountain professional snowboarder who has competed in two Winter Olympics. Elena loves outdoor adventure, health and wellness, and advocating for environmental protection.

Celebrating a freediving future mother

Another fabulous GoPro photo of an impressive women and future mother Youki Gushi free diving in the seas around Japan's Okinawa Prefecture. 

Youki's photo won her a GoPro Award, where GoPro features talented photographers every day of the year for the opportunity to earn cash and recognition.

Feeling inspired?

Capture images and videos celebrating the impressive women in your life.

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