LKYSUNZ are in pursuit to change the face and voice of Motorsport for good

Hopeful F1 and motorsport team, LKYSUNZ, marked International Women’s Day (IWD) saying: "We celebrate our support for International Women’s Day by ensuring we #InspireInclusion every minute of every day especially, and not only, on March 8th. To champion equality, diversity and inclusion across the sport, our focus is less on celebrities, influencers and VIPs instead VIFs (Very Important Fans)."

Change is happening in motorsport

"Whilst there’s change happening in Motorsport, it’s not happening fast enough or with enough women at the sharp end,” commented LKYSUNZ’ Chief Operations Officer, Emma Norfolk. 

Emma has a successful twenty-five year career that started when she was eighteen - forgoing university and moving out of her parent's home to head south from Yorkshire to land roles in the automotive sector, including with Mercedes. Emma's career continued in senior roles within large automotive retail corporations and organizations. As such, Emma comments that she is wise to the gatekeeping, misogyny, and challenges that many women face within the workplace.

Having joined LKYSUNZ in 2023 as a consultant, Emma is now firmly embedded as an integral part of the senior level that runs the team as they pursue the purchase of a current F1 team, as well as helping finalize a deal to buy a current Formula E team. With Emma at the helm, the founders all agree that LKYSUNZ represents the change they all want to see across motorsport, the world over. And they’ve already started this work in earnest. For example, Emma explains, “We cannot truly claim to want to champion diversity, equality and inclusion if there is one dedicated team of people (or in our case, one person) being the 'admin’. 

Amplifying a diverse, equal, inclusive voice

LKYSUNZ decided to fast-track one of their ideas they had at the inception of the team. To truly celebrate the creative potential that comes with a diverse, equal, inclusive voice, LKYSUNZ believes they have been creative and game-changing from the get-go. Together with LKYSUNZ founders and its Chief Brand Officer, Steve Price, LKYSUNZ fast-tracked an idea to demonstrate their commitment to being truly inclusive through inviting a passionate fan of motorsport to takeover their Twitter and Linkedin feeds, every week for fives days at a time. "To change things up from the typical hum-drum ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’ that brings an improvement, we call this SWITCHIN IT UP," explains LKYSUNZ. Sixteen weeks later and with fans scheduled eight weeks in advance, LKYSUNZ say their numbers support their intentions. "Of our of 24 fans SWITCHIN’ IT UP, fourteen are female and span five continents," attests LKYSUNZ. 

One of the fans SWITCHIN' IT UP was Singyuin Christy. "I was a small town girl with big dreams trying to navigate life....I never lost my love for cars and trucks no matter where I went. The dream was to drive at the Dakar Rally and overland from Malaysia to South Africa...finding any opportunity to learn any driving and automotive skill I could get my hands on...Then, sometime mid of 2022, I chanced upon a programme that was looking to find and develop a team of women racers. The academy's trainers understood intimately just how high the barriers of entry were and had a roadmap laid out that also included launching a one make race series," reflects Singyuin who oftern writs about access and opportunity disparities in motorsport. 

Singyuin Christy motorsport women

What does IWD mean for women in motorsport?

"Our work has not even begun," says Emma. "Together with the team and our partners across the globe, once we start, there will be no stopping us. From our Esports, academies, educational programmes and our technical and team facilities across Africa, Asia and North America - LKYSUNZ mission is to change the face and voice of motorsport, for good."  To do this, LKYSUNZ says they are going to join and build upon a mighty group of fearless female barrier breakers from Claire Williams (former Williams F1 Team Principal), Susie Wolff (F1 Academy), to Iron Dames team owner Deborah Mayer, to Jamie Chadwick competing in the Firestone Indy NXT Series, and all the other unsung heroines of motor sporting females.

"As Chief Operations Officer of LKYSUNZ I will build a strong, inclusive team culture that promotes innovation, accountability, and continuous improvement. With strong leadership. I will help steer the team through highs and lows, while keeping everyone aligned with the team's vision and goals. Change is coming and it’s called LKYSUNZ. Watch this space," encourages Emma. 

Get involved with female-focused motorsport communities

Looking to enjoy the fast-paced world of motorsport, cheering on the many impressive women racing ahead in this exciting global sport?

Check out some of these fabulous communities doing tremendous work elevating the focus of women in motorsport.

  • F1 Academy - led by the ever-impressive Susie Wolff, finding the next generation of female talent on and off the track and driving change for the future of motorsports
  • Iron Dames - women driven by dreams, who compete to inspire the next generation of women in motorsport
  • Girls on Track - inspiring girls and women into seeing and believing there's a rightful and valuable place in the motorsports industry
  • Females in Motorsport - sharing stories those working and competing in the industry, from racing talent and TV presenters to mechanics and wind tunnel technicians
  • Girls Across the Grid - an online social community for women with an interest in motorsports
  • Females in Motorsport - a volunteer-run platform promoting women in motorsport
  • Fan Behavior: an F1 Podcast featuring Zoe & Hannah who dive into the world of Formula 1 every week to discuss everything happening both on-track and off-track
  • Motorsport Magazine - racing community’s premier destination for fresh, compelling and targeted content on motor racing including Formula One, NASCAR, Le Mans, World Endurance Championship, IndyCar, World Rally Championship, MotoGP and more - with some great women-focused coverage
  • AutoSport Magazine - part of Motorsport Network, a global media and technology group at the intersection of Motorsport and Automotive industries - and actively featuring the achievements of women
  • Coverage of further groups is invited - so reach out to collaborate and be listed 



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