Submit IWD resources and articles supporting IWD activity

International Women's Day (IWD) sees a number of Missions that aim to help advance women and forge an inclusive world.

The IWD Missions see engaging articles, resources and activity that align with their focus. Areas include for example:

  • promoting the work of women creatives
  • highlighting women's participation in technological innovation
  • celebrating the achievement of women athletes
  • exploring impactful activity in the workplace
  • educating women about health issues and choices
  • shining a light on activity that uplifts women to pursue their goals

Inform, ignite, inspire via user-generated contributions

IWD articles and resources

Relevant and suitable user-generated articles and resources that forge conversation, push boundaries, and are relevant to an international audience are invited.

Genuinely useful, thoughtful and informative articles and resources are sought, rather than marketing material or product/service pushes. Articles or resources that are solely promoting a company or its products and/or services will not be published.  

Submitting articles and resources

User-generated articles and collaborative resources should be helpful, thought-provoking, and aligned with the ethos of International Women's Day. As such, they should clearly relate to celebrating women's achievement and/or focusing on activity that helps forge a more inclusive world.

Submissions might, for example:

  • provide thought leadership
  • make available useful gender-related guidance and toolkits
  • cover relevant news or activity
  • profile achievement
  • educate about key topics 

Articles should ideally be no more than approximately 750 - 1,000 words - and should contain a catchy and informative title, engaging sub-headings, and should be free of acronyms and errors. The article should be submitted in the body of an email with no weblinks or attachments. Images may be inserted in the body of the email and must not breach copyright or be owned by a third party. Remember, spin-free articles and resources that are focused, concise, useful, and engaging are what is sought.  

Resources should be of a highly professional quality, are IWD co-branded, and should be discussed and agreed ahead of submission. See some examples of professional co-branded IWD resources here:

Due to the significant volume of items received, only those to be published will be contacted - although briefs may be responded to with feedback ahead of development. 

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