Sally Said

Certified parenting Coach-Icf, certified child psychology, over 15 years of experience in management of diverse industries

Sally is a certified Parenting coach-ICF, entrepreneur and busy mom of two Sons, As She experienced the struggle of the working mom, trying to balance a career and family. I n her coaching practice.

She struggled with the same challenges her clients face. She is very familiar with the pressure of job deadlines, family obligations and feelings of inadequacy for a working mother.  

Sally Started her coaching business in 2019, She discovered the Intellect Coaching School ( and certified as parenting coach- ICF. With a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, diploma in the Art & Science of NLP (Neuro linguistic Programing) from - INLPTA. with certificates in Child psychology, Advanced communication skills.  

And now, she is studying the Enneagram & positive discipline parent Educator certificate.  

Sally has been involved in various development projects during the past 4 years. In a collaboration with ElGalala University and Rotary Egypt, Sally has delivered recently awareness sessions about The power of language to build your Team through Nonviolent communication.

While working with Crown Consulting in a collaboration with International Organization for Migration (IOM), Sally developed and delivered workshops for migrant community leaders on domestic violence and its impact, in addition to providing awareness workshops for refugees and migrant parents on child protection from sexual abuse and violence.
As she delivered Mental well-being awareness sessions, bullying prevention, Sexual abuse prevention for the refugees’ children.

Sally has also developed and delivered her own pilot project “Ebny Ebnak” workshops that aim to improve children’s social skills within their community.

Sally will be honored to provide customized workshops for corporates about leadership management, conflict resolutions Strategies, Social skills, and the power of nonviolent communication in leadership, Parenting and relationships.

As she is providing parenting coaching, speeches and workshops to helps parents navigate challenges with their children and gain clarity to strengthen their family lives and to provide the balance between work and personal life, in addition she is curious about the self-care workshops for individuals and organizations.

Sally is passionate about providing awareness workshops for schools about the compassionate classroom, bullying prevention, emotional intelligence and learning styles  to provide a healthy environment for the children.

As she is compassionate too about supporting children psychologically and providing adequate tools for parents and teachers in creating successful and confident children and  families.

Prior to raising her family, Sally spent 15+ working experience in diverse fields of high managements.

Her previous employment as a Senior Executive Assistant to CEO has provided her skills in different areas as she improved these skills by studying.

Today Sally offers a wide range of programs and services - from individual coaching, to  seminars, workshops and keynote speeches.  

To contact Sally, please visit her coaching website

She would very much like to discuss opportunities with your company.  

To schedule an interview, please contact her at [+201226404779].

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