Melanie Falvey

Video strategist, founder of Expert Channel TV, award-winning designer, author and speaker

Melanie Falvey is a Video Strategist and the founder of Expert Channel TV.

She is also an award-winning designer, an author and speaker.

She is half-British; half-Spanish and a global citizen at heart.

Her Mission is to help people to unleash their potential whether that is through the best visibility strategies so they can become International leaders making a bigger impact or whether that is unleashing the leader within, as in her work at #WomenPower - A global movement

She founded Expert Channel TV, an online media channel,  as a response to all the misinformation around the internet and to offer a platform where Missions and Stories that matter could be heard.

It also houses a Membership that helps experts turn into International leaders. It has recently started an educational project focused on delivering high-quality trainings and free trainings as part of several initiatives sponsored by Expert Channel aimed at developing digital competences and skills for women and women lead businesses.

She is passionate about her work and altruistic endeavours, which range from women empowerment initiatives to collaborating with STEM education projects.

Her own story serves as the framework for much of the work she does. Overcoming her own fear of being in front of the camera helped Melanie understand how to help others dealing with the same fears and insecurities, and enable them to show up on screen confidently and professionally. Going from an extreme and debilitating shyness to a confident communicator who is on a mission to shine a light on other people´s achievements and inspirational journeys.

“Turning your biggest fear into your opportunity”.

She is Chapter head of #WomenPower - A global movement in Spain.

She is the President Media & Events Council Spain at the Global Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (GCCI).

President of the Online Entrepreneurs Association.

Global Influencer for International Business at the Global Chamber of Commerce and Industry GCCI .Ambassador of the United World 2020 by International Federation of NewAge Media.

Global Change maker 2020-2021 , awarded by LOANI, Worldwide Leaders Association .


Women empowerment
Female leadership
Building an influential online presence
Bridging the digital gap
Effective interventions towards equality


Melanie can deliver talks and workshops in English and/or Spanish, she is a bilingual speaker.

Melanie likes to shine  a light on everyday issues regarding women empowerment, female leadership and digital skills in a visual and hand on way.

Highlighting effective actionable ways we can all become change makers within our families, communities and corporations.

A fun, innovative approach to get the audience excited about changing the status quo.

Unleashing the audience´s potential to become leaders of change.


Melanie también puede realizar charlas y talleres en español.


Empoderamiento y equidad
Liderazgo femenino
Diseñar una presencia online influyente
Desarrollo de destrezas digitales
Intervenciones eficaces haca la igualdad

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