Katharina Mueller

Feminist, entrepreneur, tuberculosis survivor, traveler and dreamer on a journey from Montblanc to Africa and the UN

Katharina is a traveler, entrepreneur, tuberculosis survivor, and dreamer. Originally from Germany, the world is her home and after working and living on 5 different continents, she still gets excited about meeting inspiring people, helping others, getting out of her comfort zone, and taking risks.

She quit her job at Montblanc to go volunteering in Colombia and Namibia, solo-travel, work for United Nations and return back to university. You may be surprised that she is only 25 years old, but what brought her here are her passion, her growth mindset, and her willingness to take risks and get uncomfortable. It hasn't always been easy.

Katharina is passionate about women empowerment, fighting for equality, and the power of our mind.

Today, she is the founder and CEO of 5 Senses Journey (mental health start-up) and Power of World Women (global women empowerment network).

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