Dee Murray

Specialising in everything related to menopause

Meet retired Advanced Psychotherapist, Human Behaviourist, and Founder of the world’s largest Menopause Experts Group, Dee Murray. She recognised that the topic of menopause had not been one often talked about. Certainly not one taught in schools as a compulsory subject even though it forms a huge part of a women’s biology. Half a woman's life or more can be experienced post menopause, and the health benefits of understanding what is happening psychologically, hormonally, biologically and physiologically is so important and can save lives, as well as marriages, and even jobs!

Book Dee to speak about all things menopause related, as she is known as a leading light of inspiration to women and men. Dee recognises that everyone experiences menopause differently, however the training and understanding should be accessible to all.  She says 'There was a time when we, as women, could not discuss pregnancy or periods, but times are changing, and my generation are making those changes for women now, and those who follow. Women should not be frightened of what happens post reproduction, as once we are armed with all the right information, this time can become one full of influence, inspiration and energy'.

She is just about to launch her amazing product lines which are specifically designed to help women with symptom management. Her training centre provides a comprehensive guide to menopause which is free of charge to all organisations globally or individuals. She also has several books in the pipeline.

Dee is available for Radio or TV, or publications to help raise awareness of this vitally important issue for women. Contact to arrange an initial meeting with Dee which can be via zoom.

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