Dr. Diahanne Rhiney BCAe

Inspirational speaker on social change, intersectionality and empowerment

Diahanne is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist who founded the first global diversity and social change PR agency over 30 years ago, Naked Truth, specialising in diversity and inclusion marketing to inform, influence and change the attitude and behaviour of individuals, companies, and society in general.

Constantly evaluating and educating herself first as an astute Activist, Commentator and Change Ambassador, she is renowned for her ‘stand up and challenge’ attitude which has placed her in front of political parties, government officials and the media.

Her career as a respected change-maker has also given her access to assist women in the local and wider community to develop self-esteem as a tool for empowerment employing psychology, self-belief, and determination through thought leadership, workshops and mentor programmes tailored around Me-ology ™ her concept that re-defines the pillars of self-esteem as the foundation of all the decisions we ever make, how we treat ourselves, and how we allow others to treat us.

Diahanne transforms direct and indirect challenges into an opportunity to advance herself and others to ‘be the change they want to see’.  In practice, she founded the Baton Awards, a celebration of female achievers, pioneers and innovators nominated from diverse backgrounds, and industries globally championing a wholesome legacy to pass on to future generations.

The Baton Awards has succeeded in acknowledging and inspiring women to excel in their fields by raising awareness in sectors that do not showcase women of colour. Her Strength With In Me Foundation Charity (S.W.I.M) was established promoting healthy relationships by equipping young girls with the mental tools and ability to avoid, combat, and leave toxic relationships.

The Charity has redefined the way society views domestic violence, advocating a preventative approach or changing the narrative and dynamics of households where violence is prevalent and where young women evolve from a bleak disposition to a confident one, making a positive contribution to society.

She formed an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) and lobbied for a number of years for healthy relationships to form part of the compulsory teaching in UK schools.  In September 2020, this ground-breaking change was passed and announced by legislature to the Children and Social Work Bill.  

She subsequently gave a presentation on the legislation at a TEDx event using the TED conference format, independently organised by a local community.

Diahanne is also the author of  books: ‘I am Intersectionality’, a journal of her life navigating the intersectional social systems of being Black, British, Female, Disability, Entrepreneur, and Christian, where she shares her opinions and experiences as a Global Empowerment Ambassador, Business Consultant, Public Speaker and Diversity Campaigner; and ‘All about Me’ which memorializes a significant stage in her life which reflects back on, focuses forward and looks within, to inspire others to self-invest as the main focus, to succeed in work, relationships, and society.

Diahanne hosts: ‘The Eulogy’ podcast where she honours and celebrates the ‘lived’ experiences of influencers through her powerful interviews that apply ‘forensic evidence’ to investigate the truth behind biased questions, decisions and actions that penetrates multi-cultural society today.

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