Alice Tang ChFC®, MIM

Engaging, entertaining, and empowering advocate training female professionals to catapult their success by nurturing their network

Standing just 5’ tall, Alice is a powerhouse presenter that engages, entertains, and empowers audiences to do and be more. With hilarious stories and a passion for everything she does, Alice grabs the audiences’ attention and doesn’t let go until long after the last word is spoken.

She advocates for female professionals in all industries helping the next generation succeed and secure financial freedom. Women cannot achieve their full potential by following the status quo or climbing the corporate ladder alone. We must find and leverage ways to successfully secure our financial futures and build the career, networks, and success we are meant to achieve.  Alice’s no-nonsense approach and practical tips empower audiences to grab their future by the reigns and create exponential success with minimal effort. Alice provides the guidance and tactics to help women reach their goals, from better planning and managing their money to create financial freedom to developing and nurturing a thriving and supportive network.


Your Network is Your Prosperity
As an immigrant to the United States, Alice Tang re-started her career without a network, friend, or job. She has since built her business, exponentially increased her income, and has helped countless professionals advance their careers. She shares the secrets to her success in this fun and practical program created to help you strengthen the relationships you already have and build your network for the future.

Building a Referral Business with Less Than 5% of Your Time
After years of trial and error, Alice has created a proven system that helps her, her team, and countless professionals create stronger, more meaningful relationships with their network, increase their referrals and grow prosperous businesses. All of this in less than 5% of their available working time removes the need to hunt for business and helps qualified, ready-to-buy referrals come to you!

Money Confidence Boosts Overall Confidence
In this interactive program, attendees tap into their inner feelings about money, success, and confidence and learn to re-evaluate their thoughts and challenge their limiting beliefs to create true personal and financial success.

Nurturing Relationship in a Socially Distanced World
Supporting your network and staying top of mind is more important now than ever before. Alice provides key strategies and techniques to build meaningful relationships without the need for organized networking events, memberships, and in-person coffee meetings.

If you’re looking to inspire action and help your women professionals get ahead, book Alice for your next event.

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