Heather Odendaal

Forbes contributor, Award-winning Entrepreneur bridging Gender Power Gap by elevating women in leadership pipeline. Started the WNORTH Conference in 2015 to elevate more women to C-Suite positions in Canada.

Heather is the Founder and CEO at WNORTH. WNORTH is a navigational tool for women in high influence positions and the companies that back them. WNORTH is North America’s premier organization dedicated to the development of women mid-career on a trajectory towards senior executive leadership.

WNORTH's mission is to develop more women to leading positions in business, and in doing so we will elevate the teams they work in, the families they lead and the communities in which they live.

Heather and the WNORTH brand has been recognized in media publications such as the Globe and Mail, Forbes, Chatelaine Magazine, Huffington Post and Elle Magazine. Heather has been recognized by BizBash and Notable as one of the top Event Professionals in Canada.

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