Tendayi Ganga

Tendayi is here to ignite your light

Tendayi is committed to raising and empowering women to be influential, extraordinary, and strong and be responsible and accountable for every aspect of their life as they recognise and embrace their identity and purpose in life. Her main focus is Identity, Purpose, Self Care, Burnout, Resilience.

She is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Registered Nurse, Pastor, Coordinator and Broadcaster for Zimbabwe Radio Program on Canberra Multicultural Service Radio Station. Tendayi is the Owner and Host of Born To Shine Inspirational Talk Shows. She is a Board Member of Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services and ACT Multicultural Council.

Tendayi Ganga is a double award winner in the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) 2019, after having been nominated for three award categories. She is the Community Champion of the Year Female Award Winner 2019 and her organization Born To Shine is the Community Organisation of the Year Award Winner for 2019.

Tendayi’s dedication to her community has been acknowledged widely through awards such as the nominee for ACT Women of the Year 2021 Award Category; Award Winner, Australian Community Ambassador Award 2018, African Australian Community Initiatives 2016, Alliance Bank Do Good 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award Finalist and a UN Peace Keeping Mission Medal Recipient. She contributes to community events/forums as a guest panelist/speaker and has featured on ABC National Radio, Canberra Christian Radio and Canberra Multicultural Service Radio Station.

She is host for women and family centered events as she is passionate about helping others to live a purposeful and meaningful life and firmly believes that, “The challenges we face in life are not meant to break us but make us stronger”. Her community work empowering women and advocating for social justice bears testimony to that.

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