Deepika Dave

Think about next generation, financial independence, save girl child, eduacte, engage and empower young generation

Deepika Dave, A woman’s Journey from Stayed Home Mom to a successful Entrepreneurship to a women's rights activist

A wife, a mother of two handsome, talented boys, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a writer, a social worker, and an activist
Had an Architectural consulting firm Akanksha Associates in Mumbai, India, was a writer for a local magazine, worked on helping needy and deprived women of India

After marriage, migrated to the USA in 1999, Become a stayed home mom to raise kids till they went to elementary school and helped husband in his business.

Became a student and earned a one-year certificate course of AutoCAD to brush up the skills to qualify for the current job market after a gap of 10 years in the career.

But because it was her and her mother's desire to get  an American degree in Engineering, got admission at UNCC to study Structural  Engineering and received B.S. in Science in Civil Engineering at the age of 43 to fulfill her mother's wish for her to get an engineering degree from an American University.

During her studies, she worked as a research assistant on three different projects of environmental and structural engineering projects and then participated in Research Scholars Symposium where she received a Civil engineering departmental award for getting 1st place.

She was also recognized at IWD Celebration in 2015

Received a job as an Architectural Project Manager on Hotel Designing projects at an Architectural firm where I designed Candlewood, Hilton Garden Inn, Home 2, etc many hotels.

During all these accomplishments, always took care of the family, and business where I handled financial, management, and technical aspects of business

In 2016, started another business and became full-time entrepreneur with retail business.

During my entrepreneurship, she came across many lives who were lost, need help, counseling, guidance, and support for their financial independence, drugs addictions, and women empowerment.

Began writing on social media about women’s issues in 2017.

And after overseeing huge problem in the community, founded and registered a 501c3 nonprofit organization Rising Ambitions of Young Society, RAYS Global Foundation under the State of North Carolina.

Where RAYS works by focusing on the development of the support system of financial literacy, drug awareness, and women empowerment.  We work towards harmony between a diverse mix of women and men on gender equality focusing on strengthening the socio-cultural richness of that population to cultivate leadership capacity, and empowering them to have a voice regardless of race, creed, religion, and social status.

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Using data-driven models, we provide workshops that make a long-lasting difference.

Help voluntarily to Thomasboro Academy every week on helping underprivileged kids on their character building, Take financial literacy workshops every month, work on helping women getting into business.

Support women leaders of Mecklenburg county to encourage considering politics as we need more women in politics to help develop the right policies for women in government to secure a bright and powerful future for our new young generations.

A woman like her could have been in my comfort zone and enjoyed her life with the loving and caring husband who is her backbone during her all struggles to succeed but she believes in herself, she is  a fighter, passionate, resilient, hardworking, dedicated, dreamer, ambitious, brave,  and a vigilant citizen of our country who has a heartfelt desire to work on helping make families, communities and thus a nation stronger.

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