Christina Khater

When you speak your story, you inspire others to write their own and be the lead of their own life

When she was just 23 years old, Christina Khater was sitting in her room with a phone in her hand, a laptop on her lap and a goal on her mind. That’s how she started KristiesLab, one of the fastest growing wedding and corporate event agencies in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Now, years later, she's sitting in her office with a team of more than 200 people by her side and awards on her shelves.

Aiming to assist young women to reach their potential, she founded the NGO “Unconditional” speaking out for women's empowerment in order to secure greater political and economic participation. Every year, she chooses a group of young women to mentor for a period of time.

“Empowering women doesn’t mean making them more powerful than men, but encouraging them to trust their inner light and not to look for their self-worth in other people’s eyes. I help girls not to just have ideas but to work upon them,” she said.

When you speak your story, you inspire others to write their own  and be the lead of their own life.
Women in the Middle East can be the change makers they were born to become if they know that their power comes from within.

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