Nicola Semple

Engaging, energetic speaker on career confidence, successful boundaries and mindfulness

Nicola Semple helps professional women to create healthy boundaries so they can excel at work and still have a life.

Her passion is helping women to get clear on their priorities and develop the inner confidence to live according to their values while using their skills and talents to create a career that fulfills them financially and emotionally.

Speaker Topics

* You Are Enough: From Self Doubt to Inner Confidence
* Mindset: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
* Mindfulness for Busy People
* How to Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Phone
* Setting Boundaries and Saying No
* Creating Your Wellbeing Safety Net


Nicola is a Certified Mindset Coach and a passionate selfworth advocate, with a 20 year career spanning corporate and self-employment.

Transformation has been the consistent theme of her work.

She began her career as a Business Change Consultant leading organisational transformation, then moved into Leadership and Talent Development, facilitating transformation through learning and now with her coaching work, she supports clients through their own personal transformation.

Nicola also created her You Are Enough Coaching Cards to make confidence coaching accessible to those not in a position to undertake a 1:1 coaching relationship.

An engaging speaker with an informal style who can quickly put people at ease, all the while sharing an important message and inspiring the audience to take action.

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