Dr. Ankita Raj

Expert on women entrepreneurship and founder of two firms consulting on health, sanitation, motivation, team work, personal growth, and climate change

Dr. Ankita Raj, from India pursued Doctoral research in women empowerment through employment. She established Greenhath Products that gives work-from-home opportunity to rural women.

Dr. Ankita started writing on parenting topic along with her husband and has published nine books as of now. She is a spokesperson at events to counsel women and youth on domains of life.

Dr. Ankita started blogging with UN WOMEN Asia & Pacific and moved on to Times of India and Hindi language national newspapers.

She has around fifty publications and presented research papers in University of Oxford and Cambridge. Dr. Ankita has recently established Purple Studio to create mini documentaries on climate change, self-defence, skill development and Tuberculosis.

She writes columns on environmental aspects.  

Dr. Ankita is a B.Tech. and M.B.A. by qualification.

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