Dr. Ankita Raj

Social policy analyst; Educator in gender

Dr. Ankita Raj  is a Social policy analyst; Educator in gender, women empowerment, management, and parenting; Enthusiastic about social change through storytelling; Contributed and presented policy briefs at Oxford, Cambridge and UN Women Asia & Pacific

Social Entrepreneur, Educator and Author from India, pursued Doctoral research in women empowerment through employment; Established Greenhath Products that gives work-from-home opportunities to rural women; A spokesperson at events to counsel women and youth on domains of life; Started blogging with UN WOMEN Asia & Pacific and moved on to Times of India and Hindi language national newspapers; Has around eighty publications and presented research papers in University of Oxford and Cambridge; Creates mini documentaries on climate change, self-defence, skill development, health, sanitation and Tuberculosis. Dr. Ankita writes columns on environmental aspects and is a B.Tech. and M.B.A. by qualification.

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