Teri Healy

8 1/2 Minutes: You can change your life in just minutes a day!

“I believe if someone is going to spend an hour of their life listening to a presentation, that hour should be of profound value.” - Teri Healy

You can transform your life in minutes a day.

You know how it feels when you’ve accomplished something incredible in your life and not long after you get a nagging feeling like it’s just not quite enough?  Like you still haven’t hit the mark.

The tough reality is that we’re taught to define our self worth and value with a ruler that measures us from the outside in, like getting more education, making more money or achieving a better looking body.  

Those are great, but they can only take you so far. The truth is that you’ve been using the ruler backwards.

There’s a solution and it’s called 8 1/2 minutes.

I designed this daily practice to teach you to tap in, turn it around and transform your life forever in just minutes a day.

Imagine what your life would look like if your outer accomplishments didn’t define you, but instead, you knew how extraordinary you are from the inside out.


“Our deepest appreciation and highest applause for the wonderful workshop. The valuable tools that you gave us will definitely change our lives!”
- Velma Sellars, Nurse Guide & Community Resource Development, Nurse-Family Partnership

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