Cheryl Chapman

Life Purpose Mentor guiding 30+ Women to a clear purpose, connecting with Collaborative people and creating increased prosperity

Cheryl Chapman is a Multi Award-Winning International Speaker and Life Purpose Mentor, guiding 35+ year old women to create a clearer purpose, with enhanced connections with collaborative people and combined with increased prosperity Using The Proven “Find Your Why Formula”

Cheryl has mentored thousands of clients across 5 continents both in groups and individually, helping them in turn to become award winning speakers, authors and business leaders, which is why she is regarded as one of the most productive speaker trainers in the world.

Whilst helping her clients to communicate in a confident and charismatic way, so that they could be seen as the leaders in their business, she found that many of them were fearful of judgement, failure, success and even being seen as imposters…in other words they didn’t feel like they knew enough or in some cases they didn’t feel enough themselves.

As a trained Rapid Transformational, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Human Design Master Professional Consultant, Cheryl realised that the skills of public speaking were not enough and that most of the clients needed more support in order to stand up, speak out and share their knowledge.

This is when The Find Your WHY Foundation was created, Cheryl’s vision was to create a space where she would guide others to understand why they where in their lives – what they did amazingly and what needed to be changed. And where they could follow The Find Your WHY Formula a tangible way to create a fulfilled & happy life.

Imagine understanding who you really are and living a life that is the one you were born to live,
Picture this being able to do what makes you feel happy and live a life of fulfilment.

And here you really do feel like you are making a difference to your life and the lives of those around you.

Using The Find Your WHY Formula, a simple and highly effective 3 step formula to take you from asking “Why me? To Why not me!”

"I guide women to do the same, with the same formula that took me from being a very unhappy mid-life woman, who relied on alcohol and excessive shopping and using work as a distraction to becoming an International award winning mentor living the life I know I was born to live and sharing a message of hope to thousands of others."

Joining with Dr Marion Bevington the co-creator, they wanted others to know their “bigger” why, their passion and purpose, in other words the reason for their existence.

Here’s the thing, the truth is … If you don’t know your WHY, You might end up living someone else’s

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