Rose McGowan

Cultural icon who stood up to Hollywood’s desire to destroy her, a remarkable woman willing to speak about highs and lows of her career

Rose McGowan is a director, entrepreneur, author, and artist and plays a major role of the cultural change.

Her breakthrough role in the horror film Scream lead to an extreme growth in her popularity which lead to Rose gaining larger film and television roles, including that of the main role she was cast as in the TV series Charmed.

Time Magazine Person of the Year 2017 and the first woman to be named GQ Inspiration of the Year 2018. A strong player of the #MeToo movement Rose has emerged as a strong voice for the voiceless and undertakes the activist role with confidence and passion.

Rose’s heart felt book and a New York Times bestseller, ‘Brave’ discusses her life from birth to the tragedies and nightmares she faced in the strange world of fame and spotlight.

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