Monica Lunin

Author of 'What She Said', speaker, facilitator and experienced executive exploring the myths and truths of women and communication

Monica Lunin is the author of the book 'What She Said: The art of inspiring action through speech' extracting the lessons of 40 influential speeches delivered by women from Queen Elizabeth the first to Malala and Emmaline Pankhurst to Julia Gillard.  

As a business leader, writer, facilitator and public speaker, Monica is interested in the intersection of leadership and communication. She believes women don't need to be 'fixed' but they do need to be listened to.  Her book, which embraces a diversity of age, ethnicity, ideology, country of origin profession is a celebration of female voices.

In her keynote address, Monica seeks to empower women by demystifying the sometimes terrifying arena of public speaking. She explores five myths and five truths of women as communicators drawing from the wealth of female orators that have shone in their particular field. The audience will be entertained and informed, but most importantly emboldened to take to the stage.

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