Delight Mapasure

Dragon’s Den participant, award winning entrepreneur who successfully launched a six figure food brand from her kitchen table

Delight Mapasure is an award winning entrepreneur whose most successful business started on her kitchen table in 2016. It took her to Dragon’s Den in 2021 where, unfortunately, she did not get the investment. However, she turned that failure into success by gaining a listing with Costco Wholesalers UK, a retailer valued at over $240 Billion dollars in that very same year!

Delight Mapasure is also a captivating storyteller, a seasoned and experienced entrepreneur, and a living testament to the power of resilience. With an unwavering spirit, Delight has emerged as a beacon of inspiration, sharing her remarkable journey as an immigrant turned entrepreneur with the world. With numerous awards under her belt, such as ‘Enterprise Vision Awards 2021 Small Business Winner’ and ‘Startup Growth Awards 2020 Winner’ among many finalist and nominee awards. Born on foreign soil and nourished by diverse cultures, Delight's immigrant background is the cornerstone of her compelling narrative. She offers a unique perspective on the challenges, triumphs and the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany the pursuit of a better life and a brighter future. A journey filled with sacrifices, adaptation, and the relentless pursuit of opportunity. The key topic that Delight speaks about is her loss of identity while she was going through the immigration system. From facing initial setbacks to overcoming insurmountable odds, her journey exemplifies the power of tenacity, grit and a refusal to accept defeat. Through her powerful talks and practical insights, she will inspire audiences to harness their own resilience, turning adversity into an advantage and setbacks into stepping stones.

With a charismatic presence and an innate ability to connect with diverse audiences, her talks weave together personal anecdotes, hard-earned lessons and universal truths, leaving audiences captivated, inspired and ready to take on their own challenges. Delight's journey transcends geographical boundaries, reminding us that our dreams have no borders. Whether it's conquering the business world, adapting to new environments or simply redefining what's possible, she will encourage your audience to embrace change, embrace uncertainty and embrace our potential. Book Delight Mapasure to speak with your audiences today and let her story ignite the flames of entrepreneurship, celebrate the beauty of diversity and remind us all that with resilience, anything is achievable.

Her Keynote speeches include the following topics:
"Failing forward: Embracing the value of failure for success"
"Unshakable: The journey of an immigrant entrepreneur"
"From kitchen table to retail"

She also speaks on the following:
How To Start and Grow A Product-based Business
Personal Branding
Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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