Arthi Rabikrisson

Embracing neuro-agility for leadership development, progressive career growth & advanced client relationship management as key for sustainable competitive advantage

In a fast paced VUCA environment, businesses are consistently seeking opportunities to find sustainable competitive advantage. This has become even more apparent in the hybrid, technology enabled work situation at present.

Arthi Rabikrisson, through her keynote topics, underpins the idea that agility at the individual level, is the key to unlocking this competitive advantage.

She offers awareness and insight into the impact neuro-agility can have in the dimensions of leadership development, career growth and progression and well as from building robust client relationship (and sales). Arthi assists the audience to reconnect with their authentic intelligence - the brain - by promoting its development, care, and growth through conscious effort.

The talk focuses on the awareness of how one’s brain is wired to process information, learn, and create habits, while simultaneously using that awareness to dismantle self-limiting beliefs, doubts, anxieties, narrow perspectives, and biases.  

This enables a new roadmap to be created that will form positive habits, thoughts, perspectives, and actions when it comes to career growth and development.

Depending on specific focus of the event, Arthi will tailor-make the talk to touch deeper into either leadership development, career growth or client relationship and sales, as required.

She offers a practical 7 step plan to engage the audience to begin their journey towards greater  neuro-agility and to identify their key goals to focus on.

Arthi's keynote is different and compelling and will help C-Suite's, HR leaders, Senior and middle managers, Professionals and founders/entrepreneurs challenge their status quo from a neuroscience perspective.

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