Shola Kaye

Keynote speaker and author on empathy, communication and inclusion

Each year, award-winning international TEDx speaker, author and LinkedIn Learning Instructor Shola Kaye creates a featured speech for your International Women's Day audience.

Shola's clients include IBM, Google, The UK Ministry of Justice, Deloitte and American Express. Her talks are interactive and engaging and provide actionable takeaways that you can use immediately.

Go to to learn more and view Shola's IWD-themed speech descriptions.

For IWD 2024, it's:

***Inspire Inclusion: A journey towards compassion and engagement.***


Practical inspiration, helping you create a culture of belonging.

This empowering, interactive keynote, themed and customised for International Women’s Day 2024, delivers practical frameworks and moving stories that will help you build an inclusive environment. You’ll walk away with the understanding that everyone can be an ally, whatever your situation.

We’ll explore the importance of taking action - however limited - rather than feeling that you don’t have the power to make a difference. Discover a source of renewed vitality and enthusiasm for the important task of creating an inclusive workplace.

Learning objectives:

- Explore the power of empathy and curiosity
- Understand the importance of being an ally and calling out bias
- Learn useful sentence starters to call in and engage across differences
- Navigate the dimensions of allyship and understand the various roles needed to create a sustainable DEI movement
- Uncover the value of compassion for the self, and for others

Session duration and format:  30-60 minute VIRTUAL keynote

Shola also has a second IWD-themed speech called 'Embrace Self-Inclusion: Unlock high performance with the power of asking'

This speech encourages women to step forward and go for opportunities and gives attendees a powerful framework for asking, as well as some useful advice to help us bounce back from rejection. The talk also explores the value of asking questions to include and encourage others.

***WATCH SHOLA'S VIDEOS and TEDx TALK on inclusion and communication at

Review Shola's IWD brochure:

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What clients say:
‘Shola was perfect in addressing the #breakthebias focus of IWD and provided us strategies and practical ideas on how to manage this in the work place. She was engaging and energetic and was a great speaker even in a virtual format.’

– Wendy Chang Smith, CFO, Glanbia

"Shola recently participated in our International Women's day celebration here at Riverbed, for about 180 people. She didn't disappoint! Shola's delivery displayed a great deal of passion and empathy. The session was both interactive, fun and also compassionate. We received a lot of positive feedback. I would not hesitate in recommending Shola."

- Sumi Shukla, VP, Riverbed Technology

"Shola came to present on the Women on the Wharf Inspire series after being highly recommended. We had a record number of people sign up to the talk (over 900) and turn up (500). Shola managed to navigate an emotive topic with clear, actionable take aways. When we moved into Q&A, she gave attendees space to contribute, share experiences and feedback. She did this all with calmness, poise and respect. Shola was a fantastic speaker and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work together."

- Louisa Golden, SVP, Citi

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