Ayan Said

Eliminating the shame and stigma normalising gender-based violence in marginalised communities

In this area of development, we tend to overlook the invisible barriers that many marginalised women and children face.

Ayan Said is a humanist, scientist and intersectionality consultant championing innovation and system thinking for a more inclusive world. Areas of expertise include education, mental health, gender-based violence, trauma, awareness building and addressing the gaps in our social structures.

Unmuting our rights and voicing our voice, first, requires us to reflect on how we can be barriers to ourselves, what patterns and behaviours influence us to suppress our rights.

Ayan is the founder and director of Voicing Voices, a consultancy firm that is focused on the role of intersectionality and how we accept the everyday practices and norms that prevent us from accessing gender equality.

We can speak up and unmute, both for our communities but for wider social causes too.

We can have a future where we are able to live in a peaceful state of being that allows us to live, lead and build towards sustainable development globally.

You can design an environment for yourself where you can grow, thrive, develop, and contribute to your community.

Challenges arise when you hide in the shadows, fearing the unknown but you do not need permission to step into your greatness.

Let’s start owning our journeys and writing our stories.

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