Natalee Johnson

Founder of Passion 4 Dreams Inc. & LJ Legacy Impact Foundation

Natalee's presentations focus on addressing the importance of diversity, culture, and identity. The interactive 60-minute presentation also can include either a poetry reading or the reading of the book My Magnificent Hair.

The content in the workshop focuses on presentation with hands-on interactive activities focused on identity, culture, a sense of belonging, while stressing the difference between equality and equity. Throughout the presentation Natalee focuses on helping attendees to unpack implicit and explicit biases and exploring the influences and experiences that form our worldview.

As an advocate for children, youth, families and women, Natalee speaks to the importance of amplifying our voices and breaking the silence. She speaks to the importance of eradicating systemic biases upheld by institutions, policies and procedures and unconscious biases held by individuals.

The presentation further explores how discrimination and stereotypes form our worldviews and Natalee challenges organizations and individuals to not only work towards towards dismantling racism but teaches how to be ally', activator and how to foster safe and inclusive environments. As an trained educator within her role, Natalee has assisted and co-lead community facilitations related to anti-racism and has worked on the equity team.

As the founder of Passion 4 Dreams Inc. Natalee has hosted many community workshops that focus on women's health and wellness, financial literacy, retreats, and anti-Black racism, unpacking biases, addressing racial injustice (social and economic injustice), and addressing discrimination. Natalee also shares her own story of how she overcame many societal barriers as a Black mother, while going through separation and becoming a single parent.

She is the founder of the LJ Legacy Impact Foundation (Not-For- Profit), which serves children, youth, individuals and families that self-identify as Black, African, Afro-Caribbean, Afr0-Canadian, Afro-Indigenous and of African Diaspora. Natalee presentation and work is deeply embedded in intersectionality of people and eradicating racism, discrimination, and biases, while teaching others how to create and provide an equitable, safe, inclusive environment.  

Natalee A. Johnson (Naj) is a graduate of Niagara University with a B.A in Professional Studies in Education, graduate of the University of Victoria with a B.A in Child and Youth Work, Diploma in Court and Tribunal Administration and Early Childhood Educator from Seneca College.

She is a mother, author, community change agent, and advocate for children, youth, women, and families. Within her role she continues to advocate for equity, equality, diversity, inclusion, creating safe spaces, and focusing on challenging the status quo and dismantling racism, biases, discrimination and injustice.

Presentation topics for 2022 IWD include:

- Unpacking biases
- Equality vs. Equity
- Revamping Policies and Procedures for the workplace from a cultural appropriate lens
- Exploring the brain and how cognitive biases are formed
- Exploring real change in allyship
- Women in Leadership
- The importance of self-care
- Minding our Mental Health (e.g., Mind, Body & Spirit) while balancing work and family responsibilities
- How to be a change agent in our local communities
- Women in Business (e.g., starting and maintaining a business)
- Addressing and challenging Racial Injustice

Other presentation topics include:

- Moving Forward with Purpose and Not Fear  
- Failures are Opportunities
- Finding My Peace: Mental Wellness and Self-Care
- Overcoming systemic biases
- Girls Empowered and Vision Board Presentations

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