Anna Granta

Ex-software leader turned business owner speaking on Neurodiversity at Work and Recovering from Burnout

Anna Granta has ADHD and dyslexia and is an expert in supporting neurodivergent adults at work.

Anna's inspirational talks on neurodiversity at work have been very well received. For example, her recent keynote speech on "Neurodiversity in the workplace" at women in tech festival earned the following praise:

"Fantastic session ... Looking forward to taking this back to our diversifying steering group"
"Her presentation on simple things that make a difference was first-class"

Anna loves to understand your unique needs in order to tailor her talk for each audience. To give a flavour of her topics, here are some recent talks she's given.

* Neurodiversity in the workplace
* Good-bye to self-care guilt
* Building blocks for great accountability partnerships
* Recognizing burnout
* ADHD at work
* Dancing the tightrope between bored and overwhelmed
* Self compassion and ADHD

Anna Granta coaches professional, neurodivergent, adults (i.e. ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, etc) working with the whole person, with a focus on achieving greater impact at work. Her clients become more confident, more skilled at working with others, and better able to work on tasks that are most impactful. Anna believes that neurodivergent adults are an asset to organizations and thrive in the right environment.

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