Martina Witter

Dynamic Motivational Speaker on Resilience, Imposter Syndrome,Mindfulness & Emotional Wellbeing

Award Winning Martina Witter, Director of Rapha Therapy and  Training Services & cofounder of Black women in Business & professionals Network bringing 20+ years of experience in providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy , Training and speaking on mindset , Resilience, emotional Intelligence and Imposter Syndrome . Martina is Founder of Black Mental Wealth and a  member of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Race Equality Panel and the CIPD Manchester Committee- Student Engagement Lead.

Martina facilitates transformation and motivation through using proven scientific approaches to her service delivery. Martina will make it easy for your audience to engage with her through her passionate, engaging and motivational delivery style. Your audience are guaranteed a mindset makeover, transformation, insight and skills in transitioning  from bottlenecks to breakthroughs.

Martina has over 20 years experience working within the wellbeing and mental health field helping Individuals ( children and  Adults) to develop a strong mindset that allows them to turn bottlenecks into breakthroughs, increase performance ,productivity and gain clarity and increase motivation through effective strategic goal setting. Due to her contributions to the field, she has been featured in HuffPost, Thrive Global ,Metro, The Voice, and BBC Radio Manchester.

Martina  is a transformational, high energy and dynamic   Speaker  with a passion to see Individuals thrive holistically in life through being revived, restored and refocused . Martina delivers psychological therapy/training /coaching in innovative and accessible. Martina draws upon her life experiences including bereavements, divorce, rejection and stress to connect with her audience whilst sharing how she has successfully navigated adversity for her advantage and utilised this for transformation and growth .

Keynote Topics:

šŸ’„Stress Busters for Success
šŸ’„Rivers to Resilience in times of uncertainty
šŸ’„Finding Advantage in Adversity
šŸ’„Leveraging your Difference
šŸ’„Levelling the playing field :Mental health through a diverse lens

Testimonial :

"I had met Martina at numerous events, and she always spoke very passionately and on the topic of emotional resilience. When I was looking for a speaker on the topic of emotional resilience she immediately came to mind. The audience was a variety of SME business owners, and Martina discussed her own personal journey, and techniques that can aid in times of stress and anxiety for business owners (Llloyds Bank)."

"Martina was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with her on projects/workshops/events in the future."

- Lloyds Bank

Thank you for coming down to London and delivering the insightful session on Resilience in times of uncertainty. We loved the stress balls, it was an honour to meet you.  

Culture and Communities Manager I American Express Global Business Travel Express

Hearing Martina speak to us about stress management was an absolute pleasure. Her presentation was insightful, knowledgeable and extremely useful. Despite only having a limited amount of time to present it was pack full of great information! The audience of the presentation was graduates and apprentices and she ensured to mention exam related stress which was really helpful and relevant. Participants were able to ask questions throughout which made the whole experience engaging. There were also interactive activities which further added to the presentation. Overall, I highly recommend Martina!

Leanne Richards  - Operational Policy Officer ( Transport for London)

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