Neha Chatwani

Organizational psychologist and coach with background in international Human Resources and organizational development

Neha Chatwani is an organizational psychologist and coach who founded the workplace atelier a creative and innovative learning space for practitioners to dialogue and evolve their expertise in 2015 after pursuing a corporate career in international Human Resources and organizational development for 20 years.

The services she offers are actionable and people-focused. They include change management bricolage, leadership development, transformational team cohesion, career design and organizational agility.

Neha is thought-leader, a scholar practitioner whose work is supported by independent, academic field-based research.

She a published author who has contributed towards editorial volumes in her field as well as to the Forbes and the Global Peter Drucker Forum. She is a lecturer and key note speaker, and the author of the book Organisational Agility published by Palgrave (2019).

Podcast samples:
Paradigm X: Thriving in adverse circumstances:

Agility, purpose and disruptive change: Push, pull or wait:

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