Vanessa Ugatti

Keynote sales speaker, trainer, coach helping service-based businesses get paid their true worth leading to a wealthier, healthier, happier life

Vanessa Ugatti is the keynote sales speaker for getting paid your true worth ethically. She is also a transformational trainer/coach and author of Amazon Best Seller, True Worth.

She empowers service-based businesses to increase revenue fairly, without having to work harder, by sharing her ground-breaking TRUE WORTH step-by-step methodology.

Systematic under-charging, discounting and over-servicing can be banished forever, as her unique formula can be immediately applied, leading to a wealthier, healthier and happier life.

Vanessa says: self-worth is at the heart of everything you do and drives behaviour so it is this which determines the results you achieve.  This is why self-worth is at the very core of her work.

She also says: You may be brilliant at what you do and yet your inner dialogue is not encouraging. This then limits your ability to perform fully. This is imposter syndrome rearing its ugly head, a close cousin of low self-worth.

Vanessa uses stories in a way which inspire and delight, drawing on her own personal experience of having been as she says “clueless” about charging as well as her clients’ journeys.

Despite an overwhelming sense of fear and low self-worth, Vanessa consistently challenged herself, from dropping solo to work in French-speaking Africa, launching a successful business later in life and jumping out of a plane from 10,000 feet up!

By tackling her own self-worth issues head on, she was able to bust through this, enabling her to see her own genius. This, combined with her natural talent for simple communication and a strong intuition, empower her to help others do the same.

Vanessa quite literally helps people go from utterly clueless and powerless to expert and confident when charging their clients, by sharing her TRUE WORTH blueprint which cures this familiar problem.

She has been described as: “A miracle worker” “magic” and “simply the best”.

Authentic, transparent and down-to-earth, she speaks directly to your heart, mind and soul, motivating you to take inspired action leading to transformation.

Below is her True Worth methodology:

Take charge of your business: learn to manage your clients and create professional boundaries. If you don’t run your business, your clients will!

Raise revenue: when you learn to stop habitual under-charging, discounting and over-servicing clients, you will bill higher fees without working harder. Feeling under the cosh, not charging enough dosh.

Understand value: If you focus on your prices, you are looking at the wrong thing. The critical foundation to charging is to connect with your true value! From feeling fearful about your fees to feeling fantastic about you.

Eliminate Pain in the A$$ Clients who CONSTANTLY drain your energy and NEVER want to pay what you're worth. Perfect Prospects Pay Properly.

Woo with worth: when you are able to understand the clients’ needs and communicate your value to them, you shift them away from price. Understanding your clients’ pain better than they do is a winner.

Optimistic outlook: when you ooze confidence then it’s so much easier to talk about money with your clients. This results in much less push-back, because prospects feel positive in your presence and really want to work with you. Mastering your mind means much more money.

Receive remuneration: Just because you are invoicing what you’re worth doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get paid. Eliminate bad debt forever. Remittance at speed is just what you need.

Time to treat yourself. When you are able to get paid your true worth, working with perfect prospects, you’ll have more time to spend on what's important to you.  Billing your true worth boosts your wealth and your health.

Honour Harmony: when you create value for your clients, value for your business and take care of yourself in equal measure, this results in harmony. From chaos to calmness comfortably.

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