Elly Johnson

Former Aussie cop empowering women to live a life with less fear

Elly Johnson inspires women to take control of their lives and move through the fears that hold them back from living a bigger life. From tales of a young Policewoman shocked by what she saw, to stories of taking risks, starting a business and constantly backing yourself, Elly's message has something for everyone.

A leading trainer and speaker in the field of communication with a theme of influencing truthfulness, reading human behaviour and protecting from harmful lies and deception, Elly is an engaging and adaptable speaker to audiences of all sizes, backgrounds and industries.

Having recently joined forces with a former US Military Intelligence Officer to create the Truth Sisters Academy, Elly believes that women benefit from learning what she calls 'sexy spy skills' to get what they want out of life and keep them safe on the journey.

Elly can tailor the right presentation to your audience and can even draw from messages inspired by Wonder Woman in her presentation: Unleash the Wonder Woman Within

Elly's style of empowerment comes with tangible tools that give women a boost in confidence and a competitive edge in business, relationships and in life.

Elly is equipped with a purpose built presentation studio and delivers an outstanding presentation in person or across a screen, globally.

+61 0402 883 196

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